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Weekend Coffee Share: The Glad To Be Back Edition

Hello, and welcome in again. It’s been a long while since I’ve hosted you and I’m glad to be back. Come on in – you can have a Sheldon type of ‘hot beverage’ or just plain coffee. And because it is almost Easter (well in the next few weeks, and the shops already have Easter eggs on sale) there are hot cross buns!

Photo of the week

But before we get started on catching up I want to show the best photo I took this week – of coffee! What else is there? Che helped me set it up and he’s so good with composition.

Catching up on admin

This week I caught up on some long overdue admin, like applying for a passport renewal. I used the new online system but can’t leverage its full convenience by using a bank branch to get my photo and biometrics done because my bank is not part of their system.

I don’t have accounts in the banks that do. Because of home affairs’s annoyingly antiquated system of payment, I have to have an account with a bank that’s part of their system to effect payment for the passport. With Paypal and EFTs part of daily life, I had hoped that our home affairs department had come into the 21st century.

So, all this to say that I still have to go to a home affairs department and stand in 3 queues to get the biometrics, photos and payment done. Unless it is is 2 queues…I will keep you posted. I will be very pleasantly surprised if it is 1 queue, like it is in Portugal.

Maar nou ja…(Afrikaans for ‘in any event’)…

I’ve finally booked my flights

I finally booked flights for my trip overseas. I was procrastinating about dates – do I just go for the 2 day coach camp, or do I go a bit earlier and combine it with a trip to Lisbon. I opted for the latter. I’m so looking forward to walking the streets of Lisbon again.

I must say that booking multi city trips is not a piece of cake. If you book everything through one airline you end up paying more than double. What also makes it interesting is that I’m paying for the Portugal flights and the company is paying for the others.

So I ended up booking 3 separate return flights on 3 separate airlines. Gosh! The key thing was deciding on which hub I’d be using because this makes all the difference in how long the layovers are. I don’t think I’m the only person not fond of long layovers (unless I’m flying Emirates business class which doesn’t often happen).

I eventually chose Frankfurt as the hub. I fly on Friday night, land in Frankfurt, clear customs and get baggage and then catch the flight to Lisbon. So Saturday I am in Lisbon. I stay until Wednesday, where I fly back to Frankfurt to catch the flight to Berlin. I’m there for 2 days, then fly to Frankfurt on Friday night and spend Saturday exploring it and catch the flight back to Johannesburg on Saturday night.

Thai massage

My friend K and I went for a Thai massage. I’m a bit stiff today on the thoracic spinal area. I’ve been hunching over a laptop for a couple of days so my muscles were a bit stiff to begin with. So the massage worked these muscles deeply. I expect the muscles to relax more by tomorrow – unless off course I hunch over my laptop this weekend again.

That said, tell me how was your week?

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Weekend Coffee Share 2016-11-13: The Unexpected Edition

Please come in. It’s not raining right now, perhaps it will come down later. Right now it’s sunny and hot, so let’s catch up over some coffee or other cold drink. It’s got to be a short one because I have a few things to complete still today.

If we were having coffee…

…we’d talk about how unexpected Donald Trump’s win in the US elections was, just like Brexit. Unexpected and unwelcome.

…we’d talk about the extreme thunderstorms we’ve been experiencing and the flash-floods on the East Rand. Again, something unexpected.

…we’d talk about Telkom’s inability to fix our ADSL line after so many weeks. Some people will say that is expected, being Telkom and all. The length of time that it’s taking is wholly unexpected. I’m at a loss for words.

Last night we had dinner at my folks and what a lovely evening it was reconnecting with some old friends of my parents who are retiring to St. Francis Bay soon.

That’s it for now.

Until next week, I hope you have a great one!


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Weekend Coffee Share 2016-11-06 – AWOL & Other Things

Come on in and grab a cup of coffee or tea or whatever other drink you want on this spring Sunday morning. And be happy as the photo below says – ” You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy coffee, and that’s kind of the same thing.” My coffee will not cost you anything, other than listening to me telling you about my week.

img_6307 - reginamartins.com

It has been a while since I last invited you in for a coffee. I was scrolling through the WordPress reader this morning and joined many of you for coffee, and realised that I had not invited you in for a coffee of my own in a long time. Well, welcome once again. I hope you are comfortable. Let’s chat…

How was your week? Mine was awesome (except for the problem with Telkom)! I spent Monday juggling traffic to Centurion, a 80km one-way trip from where I live. Without traffic it goes fairly fast. With traffic, that’s another thing. I hate 9h00 meetings in Centurion for that reason. I arrived late after overriding Waze a few times. In hindsight, had I not done that, I might have arrived on time or just a few minutes late rather than 45 minutes.

Tuesday was better because my client was closer to home and I arrived well in time for the 8h30 workshop I was facilitating. Wednesday was work-from-home day when I did preparation for the Kanban course I co-trained on Thursday and Friday.

The bunch of people we got on our course was energetic and fun. This being a public course, many people are strangers to each other, so it takes a while to build trust in the group so that they feel comfortable to be fully present and participative.

Well, there must have been something in the air on those days because this group clicked instantly. The rapport was incredible and they bounced off each other. This is a trainer’s dream because the learning is amplified when people are comfortable and visibly having fun. I must admit that I have not seen this level of rapport in a public class before. Wow!

I stayed for a couple of days at the hotel where the training was at. The alternative was juggling traffic. This made it so much easier and I got an extra 2 hours of sleep each day.

Che sent me a message of Friday saying that he’s glad I’m coming home because he’s forgotten what I look like lol! Well, I’m going off again this evening until Wednesday. This time it is me that is attending a training course in Sandton and I am staying at an Airbnb close by.

Che and I had a lovely day yesterday going to the Foodlovers Market and getting yummy supplies. They are my new favourite food-buying-place.

One annoying thing that has been happening, or not happening…we haven’t had broadband ADSL since the begining of October. It is turning out to be expensive as we keep on buying mobile data just to keep online. Because I work from home, this is a bigger issue for me than if I did not. We have logged and escalated numerous times and the service we get is astoundingly non-existent.

The level of incompetence at Telkom is unbelievable. That’s what happens when there is  a monopoly. A single provider controlling the fixed line network for the whole country. Taking things to Twitter makes no difference to these people – they don’t care – they own the infrastructure after all. South Africans are a captive market.

Each time a technician calls to check if our line is ok we tell them that it’s the ADSL that is faulty not the line. It’s like they are hearing this for the first time. This has happened 3 times with 3 different technicians. Che and I even started to second-guess ourselves and thought that maybe it was our modem that was faulty. We bought a new modem but the problem persists. It was an expensive way of ruling out that possibility but at least we are sure that the problem is on their side.

I’m investigating fibre to the home. Because we live in an outlying area the fibre service providers have not extended it to here. I can apply and it can take up to 6 months. I have no idea of the cost, nor if they will do it. They need to do a feasibility assessment first. Just for one customer. However, if they bring fibre to our area I’m sure that more people will join.

Enough of me, now how about you?

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Weekend Coffee Share: The Long Weekend

Well, come on in and have some coffee. Talking about coffee Che and I took our little stove top expresso maker on our long weekend away because, you know, we didn’t know if the cottage had a coffee maker. Instant coffee is completely totally OOTQ (out of the question) and going without coffee for 4 whole days is also OOTQ. 

How was your week? How are you enjoying the coffee and the view. Thank you for coming all this way to visit in our gorgeous Stone Cottage in the Broederstroom hills. It’s not our cottage, sadly, it belongs to a lovely lady called Gwynn and you can rent it on Airbnb.

We’ve had a lovely time here. The weather has been glorious. On our first morning here we woke up to mysterious mist cloaking the surrounds and as we had breakfast we saw it roll down into the valley and disappear.

I then spent that day and the next one wandering around, aimlessly, wondering if I had something to do. That’s how I feel when I’ve been madly busy with work and other stuff and when I finally settle down to rest it takes me 2 days to wind down and start to relax. Well that was today, the penultimate day here. Tomorrow we return home.

I slept well the first night. The next 2 nights I woke up various times thinking about all sorts of stuff. This client which is trying to tell me how to do my job (why did you ask us for help hey? If we’re the experts then let us be expertly!) this type of behaviour really grates me.

Then I started worrying about the week in July where I return from Cape Town on the last flight on Tuesday night, have a 4 hour training session with the MD of a new client on Wednesday morning, and fly to Durban on the first flight on Thursday to return on that self same day.

I also worried about my upcoming trip to Barcelona via Portugal. It’s a business pleasure combination trip. What do I pack? I’ve got to pack lightly. What hand luggage do I take (the last time I wasn’t allowed on the domestic flight to Lisbon with a small carry on because I had bought something on duty free – have you ever!)?

Do I take my DSLR camera (more hand luggage)? Do I wear the jewellery I normally wear or leave it at home so as not to attract attention (I’ve never been to Barcelona). And a whole lot of other useless stuff that thinking about in the middle of the night 1 month before the trip is of no use other than to keep me awake!

All of the above sounds like frivolous stuff and not worthy of worrying about and if you’re thinking that then you’re right! It is all that.

The week ahead is going to be busy. How’s yours working up to be?

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Weekend Coffee Share: About Last Week

Hello and come on in. I have new coffees. My favourite is the Nicaraguan one. It has such depth of flavour. I opened the Kenyan this week and it’s also good, although the Nicaraguan still tops it. I suspect that this will change as I open the new packs.

So, if we were having coffee, I’d definitely recommend that one, or a 4 to 1 blend of both.

The week was busy-ish. On Monday I was at a client, and for the next 3 days I was working at home. It was great to be able to do that and boy was I busy.

I managed to blog every day. I’m not very happy with my writing this past week. I was distracted and too critical so what came out could have been better. I’m trying to do the daily WordPress one-word prompt but some were so uninspiring this week that I posted photos instead.

I also finally wrote a post on my visit to Portugal. I have so much more to write about and so many pics to share that it’s simply overwhelming and I’ve not done what I wanted. Hope this makes sense. In any event, I published A Simple and Meaningful Tribute yesterday, telling the story and showing the pics of a photographer’s tribute to the elderly who live in a particular narrow lane in the Lisbon suburb of Mouraria.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that my car went in for a service this week. It took longer than the usual 1 day. The rear gearbox mount was broken which came as a surprise for me. The roads in some parts of Joburg are so bad and there are speed bumps everywhere that I could’ve done the damage at any of these times.

Some of the speed bumps are not well sign-posted and the white paint has long ago been faded by the sun that I don’t see them until it’s too late. Sometimes I manage to come to a sharp slow down just before my car hits the speed bump. There are other times that my car bounces over them and I wince because my car is quite low to the ground.

So ja, it could’ve been any one of those times. In any event, I got my car back on Friday afternoon. The mechanic SMS’d me 25 minutes before closing time that my car was ready and Che and I had to rush to go and fetch it. Now it’s happy and sounds like an aeroplane when I brake to slow down. Rather cool.

I’m looking forward to next weekend. Thursday June 16 is Youth Day and I’m taking the Friday off as well. Che and I are going to the Magaliesberg to a delightfully looking Stone Cottage I found on Airbnb.

Until next time, have a great week!


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