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Shared Journeys

I’m not sure about this weekly Discover challenge to write about a shared journey taken with someone. My whole blog is about my journey through life and those I share it with. So all you need to do is read all the posts.

I’ve also posted about my travels, solo and with others. The last shared journey I went on with a friend was my trip to India with Sharon.

I usually travel alone. I do a lot of travelling for business and I take a day or two extra to get to know the place I’m visiting. It’s something that I enjoy on the one hand because I don’t have to synchronise wishes and desires with anyone else about what to see. On the other hand I know that I’d be a lot more adventurous if I travelled with someone else.

I’m not good at traveling with more than one other person. It’s the whole two is company and three is a crowd thing. I retreat into myself and end up going off on my own anyway. I’m keeping an open mind this time because I’m joining a few co-workers in Barcelona on Friday to explore a bit before joining coach camp on Sunday.

The only person I’ve travelled with more than once is my Mom. She’s rather fun and I end up spending lots of money I’d rather not, on shopping. My Mom likes her comforts, so going to the beauty parlour and hairdresser is part of travelling with her. She lands in Lisbon tomorrow and I’m going to meet her at the airport.

I’ve travelled more with friends and co-workers than I’ve travelled with Che. That’s just the nature of the travel that I do. I do wish he came with me more times, and I know that he comes when he’s able.

I have a secret wish to be a vagabond. My definition of a vagabond – someone who travels the world at will, lives like the locals, sometimes works, takes many photos and gets paid to blog about it.

There’s a time for solitary exploration and there’s a time for travelling with a group. I do err on the side of solitary exploration though, because I get to know more about myself then.


6 Habits I Rely On When I Travel

Remind me to never again take 3 flights in a 24-hour period. The last time I did this was in 2011 returning to South Africa from a trip to the US.

Sacramento – Minnesota – Atlanta – Johannesburg.

By the time I got on the Delta flight to Johannesburg I was tired and sick. I took some pain meds, told the flight attendants to please keep my food warm (vegetarian special meal) because I needed to sleep awhile.

This was probably the best sleep I’ve had on a plane, thanks to the meds. I don’t make a habit of this though. The only muti I take is echinacea for the blurgies.  I’d rather sleep it off when I arrive at my destination. I find that melatonin helps me deal with jet lag and flight exhaustion although I forgot to bring it this time around.

Anyway, the Delta flight attendants were so kind! When I woke up, dinner service had been over a long time since. I walked to the galley to ask for dinner and in a few minutes, the tray of food was placed in front of me.

Johannesburg – Frankfurt – Barcelona – Lisbon.

That was yesterday.  Not wanting a repeat of the 2011 trip, I made sure that I ate regularly, kept hydrated, and made a deliberate effort to remain relaxed. Oh yes, and I took some Gaba (gamma-aminobutyric acid is a neurotransmitter) which helps relieve the anxiety I feel when I travel.

Like all flights I didn’t sleep well – perhaps 2 or 3 hours of fitful sleep.

These are the habits I’ve adopted to make long-haul flights bearable:

  1. I always select my seats at the time of booking so that I am either on the aisle or have extra legroom. This is important to me and I will pay extra for this.
  2. I like to start taking Gaba 2 days before traveling. It helps deal with the anxiety I feel when I travel.
  3. I eat all the time, in small bits. I carry nuts and dried fruit with me. When I arrive on the other side I seem to crave fruit, so if I’m in transit I go in search of fruit and yogurt.
  4. On the flight I quaff copious amounts of orange juice and water – I find that in the dry environment of the plane, the tartness of the orange juice is something my body asks for.
  5. Take liberal amounts of echinacea (this is in my little 100ml plastic bag of liquids allowed through security.
  6. Keep melatonin handy – for after the flight, to get my sleep cycles operating normally again.

It may seem that I rely a lot on nutraceutical supplements – yes I do – and it’s better than relying on sleeping tablets or such like.

What are your habits when you travel?