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Review: Lost In Esplanada

Lost In Esplanada 
Rua D. Pedro V No.56, Lisbon 1200, Portugal

As mentioned in previous blog posts, tourist season in Lisbon means long queues to get into restaurants are in evidence. Not leaving anything to chance we made a reservation at this Indian/Thai fusion restaurant the day before.

We were introduced to the Lost In Esplanada last year and decided to try it again. It’s located in a prime spot on a terrace high above the city. The views of downtown Lisbon are panoramic and beautiful. Make sure that you get a table on the edge so that you have uninterrupted views of the city far below.


It’s an outdoor restaurant, so if the evening is like tonight’s, breezy and cool, blankets are available along with the menu.

The menu is not extensive and when one is engrossed in the views of the city with a cocktail in hand the less one has to concentrate on the menu the better. I, for one, am a fan of a concise selection.

Snack on a platter of Portuguese and Madeiran cheeses while waiting for your main meal. I recommend the prawn curry followed by the chocolate tart with raspberry coulis to finish off the meal.


The restaurant is pricey – a 3 course meal with wine for 4 people came to EUR105. When converted to ZAR it’s rather pricey (R1,470).

The one annoying thing is that they don’t take Visa or Mastercard, only the local debit or credit cards, and cash, off course. In a tourist area during tourist season this is rather surprising. It’s already the second merchant we’ve come across these holidays that are not “internationalised”. I think it’s rather inconvenient to hoof it to the ATM machine just outside. Apparently there’s a sign at the entrance but I didn’t notice. So, should you visit this restaurant, remember to take cash.

Anyways, keep scrolling for more pics after Regina’s Star’O’Meter below.

Regina's Star’O’Meter (max. 5 stars):

Service - 5 
Food - 5 
Vibe - 4 
Price - 3  
Convenience of payment - 2 

Ave 3.8 

IMG_4872 IMG_4871

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