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Grain Dear WordPress

Dear WordPress,

I don’t feel particularly inspired by your writing prompt today. It’s not like I didn’t think about the prompt – really, you must believe that I did.

I thought about writing on the grain of the cloth of a garment but it seemed so boring. Then the whole grains of sand came to mind but that seemed too obvious. I then thought about food and posting a recipe of a grain dish like a quinoa salad or something, but that sounded like too much trouble this evening.

So I defaulted to the obvious (for me) – a  grainy photo of one of Kalk Bay’s steep staircases. It wasn’t taken that way – it was edited with Snapseed – Grainy Film overlaid with Glamour Glow filters.

I hope that tomorrow’s prompt is a bit more exciting!

Yours sincerely,


Kalk Bay's staircase - edited with Snapseed ©2016 Regina Martins
Kalk Bay’s staircase – edited with Snapseed
©2016 Regina Martins




Legacy Of Old Joburg

How apt that I took this photo yesterday and it fits today’s one-word prompt so well – Legacy.

It was taken from the 4th floor of the building I was in downtown Joburg. I found the preserved facade of the old building that used to stand there quite beautiful, contrasting with the glass and steel of the modern building which took its place.

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