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Today was frustrating! F…f…f…frustrating! I feel drained. All I need is a hot bath and the geyser is on the blink so I have no hot water. I settled for toast with peanut butter and I will shower at the gym in the morning. Oh how I hate not having my daily soak :-(.

On the bright side I got my new shoes delivered from Zando. I am posting a few pics. When I saw these shoes I couldn’t resist them.

ALERT FOR MY GUY READERS: The next section is a girlie section. Tread at your own peril. If you must read this section, then at least buy these for your girl/woman/wife/functional equivalent. Else just scroll down to the next section.

Levi boots
My new Levi boots


How gorgeous are these? Will go wonderfully with jeans. Levis off course, my favourite brand. Strains of Nancy Sinatra’s “These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do…” come to mind.





Zoom boots from Zando
Red suede animal print boots from Zoom


I wanted a pair of red boots. And a pair of animal print platforms. When I saw these I hit the jackpot – I got both in one item. And saved money in the process :-). Will be worn with an all-black outfit.







I started this post off trying to vent my frustration and successfully managed to put myself into a good mood by writing about my new shoes. Shoe shopping works.

If you must know, these also put me into a good mood:

  1. Food – feed me and I am happy.
  2. The smell of coffee.
  3. Even better, a cappuccino in my hand.
  4. Riding my motorbike.
  5. Shopping for cosmetics.
  6. The coffee shop experience, especially with my friends.
  7. Slap chips with tomato sauce – food.

Today I had 3 coffees, 2 of which were soya cappuccinos. I read with delight that coffee in moderation is good for you because it has antioxidants. Cappuccinos are mostly milk anyway. I know that some of you will argue that soya is not milk. A colleague calls it vegan coffee; the name has stuck because I have found myself referring to it as vegan coffee too. I reckon that having my coffee with soya milk makes it a high protein low GI drink, which is a meal for me. It’s filling and nutritive. It’s my morning and afternoon low calorie snack. I love its multiple benefits.

Well I’ve shown you my boots and put myself into a good mood. Perhaps a bit of TMI with the “these also put me into a good mood” bit. But I’ll survive. And so will you.

Next time you see me, remember to feed me.

PS: I bought these boots and don’t have to punt Zando, but their merchandise is so gorgeous and delivery fast, that I wanted to mention it here. Always nice to support local business. 

Playboy bunnies and shoes

Sometime last year there was a huge billboard on the M1 close to Melrose Arch. It was for the new Playboy club and it had the photo of a voluptious Playboy bunny…facing the freeway. I am still amazed that there were no accidents on that stretch. The billboard really caught the attention. I cannot imagine any guy not to resist looking at it, and looking at it, and looking at it, eyes off the road.In any event, the billboard was up for just a few months and was replaced by another one, less dangerous to motorists.

A few months later, another billboard went up, in roughly the same area, but across the freeway from Melrose Arch. It was for Nine West. And it featured the most beautiful platform sandals. I could not keep my eyes off this billboard. The effect on any woman must have been like the Playboy billboard was to guys. It certainly was for me. I had to concentrate to keep my eyes on the road. I eventually bought the shoes.

Both billboards were successful I am sure. And I am certain that the startling shock factor of each was a well thought out strategy by the ad agency. It certainly worked for me. I wonder how many visits or memberships they got to the Playboy club with the other one? They got it just right. Put a scantily clad woman on a billboard to sell to most guys. Put a pair of shoes on a billboard to sell to most women. It works.

One man’s Playboy bunny is another woman’s shoes.