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Share Your World – Week 40

Sharing a bit of my world – questions from Cee Neuner. Go on over and get to know more people’s worlds.


You’re given $500,000 dollars tax free (any currency), what do you spend it on? 

Wow! $500,000 dollars tax free (I take it they’re US dollars) – that is R5,620,000 (million) South African Rands. That’s a lot of money, plenty to go around. I would put one fifth of it in medium risk interest bearing account. The rest I would use to establish 3 non-profit organisations: 1) empowering and protecting women and children; 2) providing education to children in need; 3) showing different farming methods for sustainable farming to poor communities.

What’s the finest education?

My very first (serious) job was at a large bank, and the Managing Director of the insurance division had risen through the ranks without a university education. He was a damn fine leader, manager and business man. He said that the letters after his name were the following: QBE – Qualified by Experience. I never forgot that.

What kind of art is your favorite? Why?

Rather than type of art, my favourite artists are very different from each other. I like them for different reasons: 1) Toulouse Lautrec – his colourful works depicting the theatrical world of Paris really catch my eye with its undertones of debauchery and gaudiness; 2) Picasso  for the whole passionate person he was.

Is there something that you memorized long ago and still remember?

My Very Energetic Mother Jumped Straight Up Nine Planets – Mars Venus Earth Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful for family, a comfortable home and Che. This week I am looking forward to having my hair done, The Blacklist episode 3 and visiting family on the weekend.


What are you looking forward to this week?

Share Your World – Week 39


I have been meaning to participate in this weekly meme from Cee’s Photography and just never got around to it. Today is the day.

It is especially welcome to have such a meme as a post today because having just arrived home from work, I needed something to stimulate creativity.

If you want to see more responses to these questions, go on over to Cee’s Photography – just click here.

Did you ever get lost?

I must admit that I seldom get lost. With regards to directions, I am able to go to a place once and the route will be imprinted in my memory. When looking at map books (yes, I do prefer them to GPS devices because I like to look at the big picture) or following written directions I visualise the route in my mind before getting into the car. If I have not travelled a part of it then I memorise the turns, left here, right at this road. This gets me to my destination every time.

Who was your best friend in elementary school?

My best friend in elementary school was my next door neighbour, Edelweiss. She is Italian and was two years behind me in school. In spite of that we got on very well. After walking home from school, and after our homework had been done, one of us used to go to the garden wall and call to the other. We played for the rest of the afternoon.

Since the news television season has started in the US, list three favorite TV shows.

The three I have waited for are:

1) The Blacklist – James Spader, need I say more. One of my favourite actors.

2) Bones – how was that Season 2 opening episode? I am still shell shocked!

3) Marvel Agents of Shield – I am a sucker for anything to do with Marvel Comics.

If you were a mouse in your house in the evening, what would you see your family doing?

Taking our time about cooking a meal, eating at 10pm every night, Che and I falling asleep on the couch. No kids you see…

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful for after-dinner cappuccinos around a campfire last Monday night. I am grateful for the public holiday on Wednesday (Heritage Day) where I caught up on much needed sleep. I am grateful for the great bread maker I recently bought – oh what tasty bread it makes!

This week I am looking forward to The Blacklist, blogging every day, and starting my gym fitness program once again.

By the fireside
By the fireside