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Oh My Precious Streets – Two Prompts For The Price Of One!

Today WordPress has given us two one-word prompts – Street and Precious. Precious street or street precious. The former makes more sense.

PS – Also entered in this week’s Discover Challenge – when I saw the prompt I though how appropriate this post was for that too.

As a family we relocated to South Africa in 1974 and until my folks found their feet some 5 years later, we lived in different places. My Dad had the same job for all of this time, so the reason we moved around a lot is that my folks rented all the time instead of buying a house. Come to think of it, it took a while before they could afford to buy their own home. They had 3 kids under the age of 10 to clothe, feed and educate.

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“Tia Gigi, I want to put my feet in the water,” says my energetic nephew as he removes his shoes, simultaneously jumping up and running at full sprint towards the river.

“Nooooo….!” I yell, breaking into a run,  hoping to catch him before he does something that’s potentially going to harm him.

I catch up to him moments before those dirty little feet (he’s 7, I don’t think 7-years olds’ feet are ever clean) touch the water.

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Thoughts On Handwriting

My writing changes depending on the time of day. Forward sloping, backward leaning, all caps or spidery if I’m writing in a hurry. At ‘varsity I learned how to write fast, trying in vain to capture every word the lecturers said. This was the way I understood. Still today, I need to write to better understand something.

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Re-fresh, to become fresh again. It implies that it was fresh before.

So this doesn’t apply to fruit and vegetables, or other food for that matter. I certainly don’t want to eat fruit that’s been refreshed. Because it means that it was fresh, then it became un-fresh, and now needs to be refreshed so it can be eaten.

So what can be safely refreshed?

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