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I haven’t blogged for a few days. My little voice tried to warn me. I’m travelling to Portugal tomorrow and the past 2 weeks have been a fog of anxiety and worry, mainly because I had an issue with my travel documents.

Thoughts of cancelling the trip did go through my mind, borne out of a fear response. My gut instincts were saying – “Go, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend this facilitators retreat, where some of the rock-stars of the Agile world will be present.”

My instincts won out and I’m going, albeit with a provisional travel document which means I’m going to have to ensure I get all my docs sorted out before the 6th May whilst I’m in Portugal.

I’m transiting in London and hope things will go smoothly for me there, in Lisbon, at the BA desk at Joburg International Airport…well, basically everywhere.

I’ll be posting as often as I can. Once I get to Portugal I’ll have lots of food for blogger inspiration.

The other thing which is causing me some annoyance is that my Akismet subscription was suspended. I’m annoyed because I got no email from Auttomatic telling me that the card they have on file is past its expiry date so the automatic renewal didn’t go through.

I realised that something was amiss then I started to get all this annoying comment spam.

I’ve updated the payment details so I’m now waiting for them to process the payment. It’s nice to get dozens and dozens of comments, only if they were real. It’s amazing the kinds of messages I’m getting. Who does this stuff?

I’ll visit your blogs as soon as I get connectivity in Portugal.

Until then.




“Breathe, just take deep breaths…” I remind myself, more often than I care to admit. As my eyes become accustomed to the morning light I kick the covers off my sweat soaked body.

It’s a brand new day, the sun is shining, I can hear the sounds of Che making coffee in the kitchen and I have a great job to go – and yet some part of my sub-conscious hasn’t cottoned on to the fact that there is no need for the fight or flight instinct.

Something I was dreaming of perhaps? Something I am afraid of perhaps? I take a deep breath and need to concentrate on taking the next one, deeply as well. And the next one, until my mind and body calm down and acclimatise to the sanctuary my bedroom offers.

As always, thanks for reading, and please leave a comment!


Suitcase Snippets


I resented the callouses I had on my hands when I was in primary school. My school bag was heavy with books and I walked 2kms to school and 2kms back home which took a toll on my young hands.

My path home crossed a park built in the middle of a large traffic circle, large enough to have swings, slides and other playground equipment. It was roughly half-way between school and home and I sometimes lay my bag down and enjoyed a few minutes on the swings.

When I went to high school, school rules allowed me to have a shoulder satchel and the callouses on my young hands disappeared.


My Mom gave me my first briefcase, a beautiful burgundy one with brass combination locks. It was symbolic of growing up and starting my career in the business world. I used it with pride. Eight years later I replaced it with a laptop bag. This was another symbol for me, this time I had graduated to being mobile. To my younger self, these seemingly small things were important for what they stood for.

I still have the burgundy briefcase and it’s now used to store important documents.


I’m on a mission to travel lightly. I tend to over-pack as I provide for unexpected social situations and weather conditions. I am on a mission to eventually pack “only vows, happiness…and the flower that sweetly shows nestling lightly” in my hair.