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Music Monday: Ticket to the Moon

Do you have too much music on your iPod folks? I’m assuming you have an iPod. It’s like the generic name for portable music player. You know, like Kleenex is the generic for paper tissue? But I digress.

I know I have too much music on my iPod when I hear a song for the first time. We’re taking about ELO here so I’ve had it for a while.

So maybe I did hear the song for the first time or I maybe just heard it with new ears. The physical hearing apparatus have always been attached to me. So it’s got to be that I heard it with new ears, know what I mean? Let me explain.

I took in the same words and the same melody with the same senses as before but I experienced them differently because the filters through which I made sense of the song were different. Filters help us make sense of how we experience the world. When one’s filters are limited our experiences of the world are also limited. The opposite also applies.

It’s useful to remember that filters are also culture-specific. In interviews conducted with people from China and India asking if they were “happy” the response was that they hadn’t thought about it. In Western societies where the pursuit of happiness is seen as a right, the filter of happiness is widespread (NLPU Encyclopedia).

So what song led to this whole analysis of perception and filters. It’s ELO’s Ticket to the Moon. Here it is. Enjoy!

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Work? Optional! What gets me up in the morning

WordPress's Daily Prompt: If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?

The quick and short answer is…
I would still work.

I’ve heard stories of people who’ve come into buckets of money who end up losing it all and being worse off than they were before winning the loot.

They give it away, gamble it away, or buy expensive things.

There’s the story of the guy who won the lotto, bought himself a Porsche and ended up crashing and killing himself in the process.

I’ve also heard about the woman who also won the lotto, told everyone and ended being killed by a jealous relative.

Money does strange things to people.

Hence the counseling that the lotto people give to the winners because it’s not easy going from zero to hero overnight.

When I was growing up money was scarce. There were a lot of things I couldn’t do because my folks didn’t have money to spare. When I went to high school my uniform was a hand-me-down from my older cousins.

From an early age my Mom inculcated in me the mantra of never being financially dependent on anyone. So I studied and worked hard to achieve this. And on that journey I discovered my purpose. So the money is no longer the reason I work.

What gets me up in the morning is something more intrinsic, a desire to become a better version of myself every day.

So it’s about the purpose of my life. Having money out of the equation isn’t going to change it. Going to work doesn’t have anything to do with money and I am blessed to work at something I enjoy because it allows me to be me.

So if money were optional I would see no reason to stop working. I’d still have fun. And my purpose would remain the same – to be a better version of myself every day.

What gets you up in the morning every day? Tell me in the comments.