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Ice-skaters, James & Ciprès, The Sound Of Silence

I recently discovered this video of Vanessa James and Morgan Ciprès ice-skating to Disturbed’s version of The Sound of Silence – please, watch it – it’ll make your heart soar! It’s the music and the silent gliding of their skates on the ice, interspersed with applause. It’ll leave you smiling.

My favourite version…


Weekly photo challenge: Letters

Barely a couple of hours after landing in San Francisco I found myself walking through Union Square to the iStore.

Imbibing the night life, the energetic atmosphere of this wonderful city, I couldn’t resist taking this photo. I would so dearly have loved to go in, have a drink and some pasta, whilst listening to thrummy jazz.

Isn’t music such a universal language?



Subjectively lifting the spirits.

No translation needed! Don’t you think?
San Francisco Union Square - Music, the universal language
San Francisco Union Square – Music, the universal language