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Weekly photo challenge: Space and limits

I love white spaces, spaces that you can do anything with. A white space can look different every day.

One of my favourite white spaces is in the Wanderers Building at the Dimension Data Campus in Bryanston where The Forum conference facility is located. I unfortunately don’t have photos of that space.

The photos I’m showcasing today is of the space at the Standard Bank Gallery in the Joburg city centre. In September last year they exhibited Justin Fiske’s kinetic sculptures. They are astonishing, how they just hang, move or come to a standstill. Or just stand still yet seem as though they are in movement.

As the observer physically interacts with the sculpture they become simultaneously the observed. I love that, something so quantum about it.

The gallery also represents a space without boundaries, where each artist makes it their own, yet at the same time it is contained by walls –  the incongruity of space and limits. Or is it space vs. limits?

Space and limits - Standard Bank Gallery
Space and limits – Standard Bank Gallery
Space and limits - Standard Bank Gallery
Space and limits – Standard Bank Gallery


WordPress's weekly photo challenge this week is Room.  Like a few other English wordsRoom means two contradictory things. It can be the four walls that enclose us, giving us shelter and comfort but also limiting our movement. It’s also the limitless space into which we can wander and which we can fill — or try to (think about that expression, “room to grow”).

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