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I spent the whole day reading and trawling through Goodreads.

It’s a website for people who love books and reading (because you can love books and not read a single one of them :-)). You can create your own bookshelves, look through everyone else’s bookshelves, post reviews and ratings.

There’s a social element to it to – you can friend people, have book discussions with them and start book clubs. Catalogue books into what you’ve read, want to read and be reading. At the same time track your reading progress and set reading targets.

My target for this year is to read 24 books – at least. I’m reading 6 books at the same time. What can I say, I get bored.

Today I finished South African author, Deon Meyer’s Thirteen Hours, nail-biting suspenseful story set in Cape Town, featuring policeman Captain Benny Griessel, who has thirteen hours to find a young American tourist who witnessed a murder and is being chased by the killers.

It’s as fast paced as the title suggests – action starts at 5am and finishes at 7pm. He’s working 2 cases at the same time. Deon Meyer builds his characters, novel by novel, and this is #2 with Griessel. As he battles criminals, he also battles his own inner demons. As the popular press would say – it’s unputdownable.

Thirteen Hours by Deon Meyer
Thirteen Hours by Deon Meyer


I recently joined Goodreads and have set my book reading target at 24 books this year. That means it’s 2 books per month. I am, at the moment, 4 books behind schedule, so I have much to catch up. It helps that I have audio-books which I download from Audible. I’ve almost finished with Carol Dweck’s Mindset and the Psychology of Success.

I went past the supermarket on my way home this evening and bought a tub of ginger cookies. When I got home, my husband, aka Ché, was baking cookies. This engineer should’ve been a chef! This post’s feature photo is of the cookies. They are yummy

That’s all I have time for today, I am falling asleep at my keyboard. Tomorrow I hope to have a more coherent post.