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Which Way photo challenge – January 29 2021

The Which Way photo challenge is all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, signs, etc. we move from one place to another on. 

I loved Ghent and on my wonderings, I visited the Stam Ghent City Museum where fascinating exhibits are to be found. One of my favourites was a whole bunch of aerial photos of Ghent’s stitched together and placed under perspex on the floor.

To walk on it you needed to wear booties that the museum provided. That. is such a stunning way to get the whole visual perspective of a city.

The museum removed this exhibit last year to make way for something new and sold all the panels to interested parties. If I lived in Ghent I would’ve bought one 🙂

Which Way Photo Challenge
Walking on Ghent. Can you see my bootie covered feet at the bottom of the photo?
©2021 Regina Martins
Which Way Photo Challenge
A panorama of the panels of Ghent at STAM Ghent City Museum
©2021 Regina Martins

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An Ever-Changing Sketchbook

Just before catching the tram to the station I managed a quick stroll along Werregarenstraatje. It helped it was right across from my hotel. It was devised as a temporary project during the 1995 Ghent Festivities and this alley still serves as an ever-changing sketchbook, a demo of current street art and especially as a blank canvas for Ghent’s many graffiti artists. The tags and pieces change daily and sometimes the entire alley is painted over so that a new blank canvas is created all over again. In this rule-free zone the spray can rules, the artists respecting works that are better than theirs (Ghent City Guide).