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Smile, it’s Friday the 13th

Cool shopping bag. Smile, it's Friday the 13th!
Cool shopping bag. Smile, it’s Friday the 13th!

What a cool shopping bag I got the other day with humorous info on the Number 13 written on it. Since it’s Friday the 13th and many people are superstitious about this day I thought this might put a smile on your face. Translated from the Portuguese:

Ignored in the hotel industry and in sport
Refused in lotteries
Omitted on busses, planes, roads and buildings
Feared by the superstitious and the triskaidekaphobics
But no one remembers that...
...on the 13th January 1969 the Beatles released their album the Yellow Submarine
...Mickey Mouse was born on the 13th
...each year the moon completes 13 full orbits of the earth
...that on a Tuesday the 13th the unification of the 2 Germany's began
...that the 13th of April is the International Day of the Kiss
...and the 13th of September is the day when your glass is half-full
...and, the most important things to remember:
...47 muscles are needed to make yourself angry
...and only 13 to smile :-)


What have you done this Friday the 13th?