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Random: Every day a celebration

Colourful eggs for Easter – the next celebration on the calendar

The Christmas decorations had barely been put away when the red hearts of Valentines Day were put on display. In January already! Now that the 14th is but a memory, barely 2 days later, the chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs already adorn the supermarket shelves. And Easter is only in April.

After Easter, barely a day later I am sure, the Mother’s Day adverts and displays will go up. In June, it will be Father’s Day. Then there is a gap of a month, and it will be Women’s Day in August,  then Bosses Day in October, and Secretaries Day sometime in between. Until we come to Christmas again, and like last year, the decorations will go up in October.

In between all that are the birthdays, the baby showers, the weddings and engagements. If you factor in the cultural and religious celebrations…wow! We are having fun the whole year.

Every single day there is celebrating going on in the world.