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Car in Pune
Hooter Tooter

This post is being co-written with Sharon, my travel buddy – and it’s the first time we are both visiting India. And one only gets to go to India for the first time once (so says Regina Martins – LOL!)! So we are going big.

Today’s blog is about the simple hooter. With all the mystical, spiritual and cultural allurances of India, you find that it is the small things that makes one stop and pay attention. And one such thing is the tooting of the hooter.

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The sun trying to rise and show itself through the smoke in an early winter's morning in Mumbai
The sun trying to rise and show itself through the smoke in an early winter’s morning in Mumbai

I arrived in Mumbai in the early hours of Monday morning. Amazingly the streets were alive with movement. People, cars, bustle. I experienced it as a city that does not sleep or stand still.

After about 2 hours of sleep, I woke to a sun that was trying to make its presence known through the smoke. I was surprised that weather reports on Mumbai reported “smoke” as a weather status. I thought weather was supposed to be those natural phenomena that regulate the lives of human beings. It is definitely not a man-made, dare I say it…phenomena. And smoke is! So I just found it strange that it was listed in the weather website as part of the weather report. I suppose global warming has made things a bit confusing for us all.

In any event, this photo was taken from my hotel window, of a sun that was trying to rise and show itself through the smoke. I think it made for a beautiful photo.

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