My yellow submarine

Yip, my first car was a yellow VW beetle much like the one in the movie Material. 1972 model. It was all I could afford at the time. It was quickly christened the “yellow submarine”, not by me, mind you. Not sure why, maybe because the shock-absorbers were shot and it waved its way across town much like a submarine in turbulent waters. The steering had so much play on it any GPS device would battle to track it.

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No, not the Eat Pray Love “thing”

Most times when I tell people that I spent 1 month in India, the first thing they ask is if I did the Eat Pray Love “thing”.

So I want to set the record straight here. Much as I enjoyed the book, and admire Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey of self-discovery, I didn’t feel that I needed to do that for myself.

I don’t think that one goes on a journey to discover oneself. I mean, how can you possibly know that you will have “self-discovered” at the end? And what then? Do you try and get your money back if you don’t? Ok, so that is an extreme proposition :-).

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