Photo: Sunset in Mauritius

Le Maritim

I waited for the sunset to photograph its progression. It was only much later, when I downloaded the photos, that I saw the silhouette of the man in the bottom left hand corner. I could not have asked for better composition. It was totally unplanned, unposed and unexpected. I am delighted at this gift of randomness. This is one of my favourite photos. See if you can spot him.

Location: Le Maritim, Mauritius, July 2011

What a week!

What a week! I am totally nackered! Thankfully I have not over-committed myself this weekend. I have nothing committed for tomorrow so will be spending the whole day at home. Similarly for Sunday, although I will get out to ride my bike. I haven’t riden in 2 weeks and I miss being on the bike.

I am a bit peeved because whenever I hook up my bike trailer to my car, the fuses blow and I am left with no tail or instrument panel lights. Both the trailer and towbar are new. To determine whether it is the towbar installation, or the trailer wiring is gonna be another thing. I can just imagine each party trying to deflect responsibility by blaming the other. I didn’t have time this week to do anything about it.

I started the #Scary365 project this week. Let’s see where it takes me. I have done a lot of scary stuff so far, and I actively seek to face my fears head-on because I don’t want to miss out on any growth opportunities.

Work is very exciting. It has been so for almost 2 years now. I work with an awesome team of people. I am blessed and grateful. And we deliver meaningful projects that deliver business value using the Agile Scrum framework. Our rate of delivery is quick and best of all, predictable.

I am enjoying blogging. Writing gives me much satisfaction. I feel that some of my posts are better written than others. I am considering changing my theme and have bought a magazine theme currently on localhost until I have figured it out and done the migration.

Things that are overdue and absolutely MUST be done this coming week is the registration of the trailer and taking my bike for its first service.

I am going to sleep now. I am totally nackered.

Good nite!

Scary365 – Adventure Golf!

I did something scary today! At the outset it may not sound scary but it was. I played Adventure Golf at Brightwater Commons. On the East Rand it is still known as putt-putt. In the North it is Adventure Golf doll.

Admittedly I haven’t played putt-putt since I was a kid. This adventure stuff is interesting. I do, however, remember the course being brightly lit. Tonight, most of the holes didn’t have lights, so finding the hole proved to be challenging. Actually, FINDING the ball to get into the hole was challenging too. Somehow I don’t think that playing in the dark is part of the adventure. I mean what fun and adventure is there is not seeing the ball to begin with, never mind not knowing where the hole is. And for those that lost their balls into the vegetation, well…that was the end of the game for them.

The comments and banter were interesting too, not for the faint-hearted, I will not repeat it here for fear of losing readership. It was all innocent banter in the spirit of things. But take the 2 simple words, “hole” and “ball” and…ok, you get the idea.

So…scary it was. Not bright Brightwater Commons Adventure Golf, not bright at all!

PS: I suppose the stilettos didn’t help either!

365 scary things!

A friend said to me today, “Do something that scares you everyday! No matter how small the thing, or how big the thing is that scares you, by the end of the year you will have done 365 things that are now not scary anymore.”

How cool is that? Fear comes from living in the future, not the present. If we live scared all the time, how do we enjoy life, which happens NOW not tomorrow?!? Fear creates stuck states preventing me from being able to smell the roses, or in my case, the coffee. And I do so love to smell the coffee 🙂

What scary thing did I do today? I had a packet of chips and a kitkat from the vending machine at work! For a vegetarian health nut like me, that is scary!

What scary thing have you done today?



Yes! Like a country bumpkin arriving for the first time in the city, the moment I landed in Atlanta my first stop was Starbucks! I even took a photo of the first Starbucks place I went to. I come from Africa, where lions roam the streets and we have to hunt for our food…and if you believe that then I don’t know…honestly! But let’s go with the idea.

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