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You may remember that number 1 on my #10thingsilove post was girl Saturdays with my friends, trawling the shops and eating good food. Well, this week it happened today, Sunday :-).

It was equally pleasant, perhaps more so because the malls were not madly hectic like the are on a Saturday. The only downside is that the shops close at 3pm. The upside of this downside is that the bank balance doesn’t suffer so much – so there’s a strategy!

I had a really nice experience at Woolies. Completely unaware of the time, I went to Woolies in Glenvista and as I walked up they started to close the doors. I was about to turn around when the floor manager called over and invited me in. She said she’d close after me. I was sooo gratelful that I left a compliment on Hello Peter. Well worth doing when one gets a good experience or even one that wasn’t so good. Today it was a compliment.

South Africa is not a place where customer service is high on the agenda, and we often put up with bad service for fear of being victimised (not complaining when the food at a restaurant is cold or something, for fear that the waiter will spit into it), or getting into an argument with someone who really should not be facing the public.

In the last 3 months I have got really good service at 3 different places (sad to say that it was only 3 places in 3 months, it should be much more) – on 2 of those occasions I left compliments on Hello Peter. But I didn’t leave the corresponding complaints when I got poor service.

Well, you know about the Woolies one. The other was at Big Boy Scooters when I bought my pitbike. My warranty hadn’t been loaded on their system so I was not able to activate it online. Frustrating because I had to activate it within 48 hrs or so or risk losing it. They were very efficient and I complimented them on Hello Peter.

The other good experience was at Pick and Pay (I know…can you believe it?). Our Pick and Pay has a self-service veggie weighing machine. It works well. But when the label roll is finished it is a bummer. Ok, so I decided to do the rest of my shopping and come back to it at the end and let someone else go to the manager to sort it out. After 30 mins the machine was still inactive. I know I should’ve sorted it out 30 mins before, it doesn’t pay to pass the buck. In this case, the manager came and changed the label roll himself. I was most impressed.

As consumers we have the power to influence the service we get. It requires work. Not accepting below standard service. And complimenting when the service was really good. It will eventually reach a tipping point and good service will become the norm not the exception so that it even becomes a blog post.

Have you ever logged a compliment and complaint on Hello Peter?

Do you give feedback when the service sucked wasn’t so good?

Do you compliment good service?



View of Taj Mahal from Red Fort in Agra

This post is inspired by one the trending topics on Twitter today – #10thingsilove.

Some tweets were funny, others nonsensical, some were cute and romantic.

Let’s see if I can count to 10:

  1. Girl Saturdays with my friends, starting with brunch, trawling the shops, and ending with afternoon tea and cake.
  2. My morning soya cappuccino.
  3. Music radio in morning traffic.
  4. My coffee machine.
  5. M.A.C. Blotting powder.
  6. Hot summers, highveld thunderstorms and perfect autumns.
  7. The smell of wet earth after a rainstorm.
  8. Wooden houses, pressed ceilings and wide wrap-around verandas.
  9. Wriggling into soft beach sand so that it takes the shape of my body thereby providing the perfect support.
  10. Lying on my back on a sun-warmed stone floor during a summer sunset.
  11. Travel.
  12. The Taj Mahal.
Looks like I can’t count to 10 after all 🙂 LOL!
Drop me a comment and tell me, what are the things that you love?

What guys want


That’s what guys want!

No matter how many tools they already have!

They want more!

One drill for the garage. Another drill for the workshop. And yet another drill just in case.

I have watched with some dismay, the guys in my family unwrap 1 drill and then another drill at christmas time, and drool lovingly over both.

I went into Builders Warehouse the other day to see what the fuss was all about. And found myself lost amongst the toolkits. There are so many. Some include precision screw drivers. Others have different types of pliers. Some others have shifting spanners. I just love the mini tool kits, where all the tools are smaller in size than the normal ones. So cute!

And the colours! All those bright translucent plastic encased handles.

And the packaging. Some have handles. Others beautiful see-through lids. Each tool fitting neatly into their foam rubber housing, like a jigsaw puzzle. I wanted to buy them all.

I eventualy walked out with my own tool box. And a whole lot of tools to put in it. You never know when I might need them.

And I also bought a drill…

When I got home with my booty my husband asked me why I had bought a drill. After all he has 3 and I could borrow them anytime. “Well,” I said’  “you never know, I might need to drill something when you are out and I don’t know where your drills are.”

What do I want for christmas? Tools!

I need another kit for my bike. And a set of precision screwdrivers for the office. And a Swiss Army knife for my handbag. Oh wait…I already have that. But one can never have enough Swiss Army knives. One for each hand bag that I have.

Oh, and I also want to get one of those tool belts so that I don’t have to climb up and down the ladder. And also one of those steel capped safety boots.

I get it guys, I get it…

To my guy readers, how many drills and toolkits do you have?
To my girl readers, do you also have your own tool box? And how about power tools?


A storm over Windhoek

Incoming April storm in Windhoek, Namibia

I love photographing natural phenomena like storms and sunsets. I am not a professional grade photographer nor do I have professional grade equipment. I take loads of photos. Out of all those photos a handful will be stunning, for me. There is a certain pride, “Did I capture that? Wow!” I especially love capturing the progression of sunsets and storms and then seeing them in sequence, moving very fast, like a stop-frame movie.

A few years back I spent a lot of time in Namibia. It is such an amazing country. The colours of Namibia is what I remember the best. The raw naturalness of the landscape. No matter where one is, nature is right there. It is beautiful, and dangerous, a land of extremes.

Windhoek is boiling in summer, and freezing at night in winter. It is a small city by comparison. It is a charming city, its architecture a mix of German and colonial. It is a city is built on hilly terrain. The Hosea Kutako International Airport is located 50 kms away from the city because it is the closest strip of flat land where a runway could be built.

The road to the airport is a good well maintained road, well marked and sign-posted. It is a beautiful drive. From the centre of Windhoek it takes about 30 minutes to get there. There are passing lanes in case of slow traffic. If one is lucky, game can be seen on the side of the road. The recommendation is to stick to the speed limit (it’s a respectable 120 kms per hour) in case of needing to brake suddenly to make way for crossing animals.

This post’s photo was taken atop a koppie in the western suburbs of Windhoek. I used to love driving to the highest points in Windhoek to see how many storms I could see in a 360 degree radius. It was amazing to see 4, sometimes 5 storms in the distance. Sometimes they moved over the city. Sometimes they didn’t.

This particular storm moved in right over where we were. There was thunder and lightning. We stayed until the rain started, then rushed down the track to the car. It was exhilarating.

I haven’t been back for 4 years and I miss Namibia. Hopefully I will make it there this year.


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