Anatomy of love

It happens. It grows. It is…just is. The more there is the more there is. It has no beginning no end. It exists. It has energy. It has frequency. It has presence. That is why we feel it. We know it because we feel it. It touches the soul, both intangible.

It spews forth out into the world just like a solar flare spews forth out into the universe, warming, comfortable, sometimes so hot that it burns, the ashy residue flies away and stays. And we keep going back for more forgetting to forget the pain, remembering to remember the joy and expansion of an indescribable abundance.




Love – hate

Black – white

Good – bad

Up – down

Tall – short.

Nothing matters…

It all matters!

I’m not looking for perfection – I’m looking for value

I’m looking for gain – I’m looking to gain…

A new perspective

A new knowledge

A different insight

A difference

A sameness

A betterness

Always a betterness

Of what went before

Of what was before.


If you’ve made it this far – congratulations! And thank you. I just needed to get this out of my system.

Today I am not the same person I was yesterday. Tomorrow I will be someone different to today.

If you are part of my life, it’s important to keep up!


An odd sense of achievement


I feel odd today. Like I have been driving towards a goal, conscious at all times to remain grounded. Today I feel odd. Because this goal is finally taking shape.

My over-riding goal for this year was to get a superbike and get on to the track. I am half-way there. By the end of the year I will be on the track, even if I am going around it slowly. There are no other qualitative criteria. Those are for next year.

Today I bought my bike. It will arrive next week. And I’m scared sh!tless almost stiff! And so excited at the same time. I feel amazingly in control. I feel like an adult. I feel like I own this. This is mine.


That’s it for now.

Journey of a 10c coin

This is a true story. No fabrication or dramatisation. In order to protect the innocent…and the naughty, the dad shall be referred to as “Daddy” and the son shall be referred to as “The 3yr old”.

The 3yr old was playing with a 10c coin, throwing it around. It landed in a corner. He ran to find it. He turns around looking at Daddy.

The 3yr old: “It’s gone Daddy.”

Daddy: “What’s gone?”

The 3yr old:” The coin Daddy.”

Daddy: “Where did you put it?”

The 3yr old opens his mouth.

Daddy: “Where’s it?”

The 3yr old: “In my tummy Daddy.”

Daddy: “You swallowed it?”

The 3yr old: “Yes Daddy. It’s gone.”

Daddy’s face: “??..!!!???!!???…”

Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy had to clean 2 sets of undies during the early hours of the morning as the coin wanted out!

LOL :-)!

She’s pregnant NOT sick – or uncommitted!

Many of you may have read about the appointment of Marissa Mayer as Yahoo’s new CEO.  She comes from Google, and is anecdotally often referred to as Google’s employee #20. She is young, beautiful, brilliant, and oversaw the creation of some of Google’s most high profile products like Gmail. She’s also credited for the clean uncluttered look behind Google’s search page.

Just Google (haha) her name, and you will see a beautiful young woman who is now in charge of one huge and important corporation. And she’s pregnant. I read with disbelief today, about how people are criticising her for being successful and pregnant, and …heaven forbid…of being pregnant and in charge of a global internet force.

Helloooooo…am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture?

She’s pregnant, not sick. She’s pregnant, not incapable of using her considerable brain power and judgement to run a company, no matter the size. Comments like the ones I read today, like she should have disclosed to shareholders that she was pregnant before her appointment really make me wonder whether we are sweating the small stuff as a global people. And also whether we have really moved on in the gender equality stakes.

The Harvard Business Review blog article “Being Pregnant Is the Least of Marissa Mayer’s Challenges” points out that “being pregnant re-activates all our long-dormant, or perhaps just repressed, biases about women. Yes, we have female soldiers in combat, female CEOs, female doctors, female lawyers, female editors-in-chief – when you’re wearing a suit (or an M-4) it’s easy to forget you have those weirdo ladybits that seem to make people doubt your competence. Not so when a woman is pregnant… Harvard Business School’s Amy Cuddy … agreed via email, adding that “moms are also viewed as less committed”.”

I know that I’m not the only vociferous voice against those who buy into the nonsense of pregnant women and Mom’s being less committed. If you are a Mom, have a Mom, are married to a Mom, have Moms as friends, and the list goes on, know that Moms are some of the most committed and determined people on this earth.

I work with many Moms who are in very senior positions who work long hours. Nothing uncommitted about them. I have Moms in my family that in between giving birth and breastfeeding a baby, have successfully passed their university exams. Nothing uncommitted about them either. I know Moms who worked right until the last day before giving birth. Nothing uncommitted about that.

Through sick children, first days at school and the organising of countless birthday parties, juggling a home, and in many cases a marriage and a full time job, a Mom is simply the whole package.

Going back to Marissa Mayer – I think people should rather be asking her how she plans to turn Yahoo around and what her vision for the the company’s future is, rather than focusing on her impending motherhood.

I know that what I’ve touched on is merely the tip of the iceberg as regards this contentious and controversial topic. What Marissa Mayer has to do is nothing new or insurmountable. Nothing that hasn’t been done before. The difference between her and the countless other Moms and Moms-to-be out there, is that she is doing what she has to do under the spotlight of the media. And that is no enviable task.

Author’s note: Regina is not a Mom but she has many friends and family who are, some stay-at-home Moms, and she observes with awe and admiration, the commitment, sometimes sacrifice, and sheer joy of motherhood experienced by these special people in her life.

Social Entrepreneur, chief wide eyed in wanderer, wonderer and bottlewasher


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