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Weekend Coffee Share: The Cat Herding Edition

Hi there! I have time for a brief weekend coffee share today, but the usual variety of coffees and teas are on offer. And cheese and crackers – no cake, cookies or muffins …

We have a cupboard full of a variety of teas, some bought and most gifted. Some are a few years old. Most are ok – I think. I mixed a bag of Ceylon, a bag of rooibos and a bag of an Indian chai and the resulting brew tasted exotic and smooth. So I can vouch that the teas are still good to drink.

Cat herding

Now to the theme of the week – cat herding. This is what it felt like …

Herding cats to not jump on the bed, herding cats to remove them from the driveway lest they get run over, herding cats to come inside and keep us company. Honestly, the only time we don’t herd cats is when they are hungry or when it rains and they flash in to avoid getting wet. Then we’re their best and long last friends. But we adore them nonetheless.

We are on to the game they’re playing to get our attention – BC sulking with his back to me when I prevent him from jumping on the bed; Nermal spending the whole day and night outside. Why I don’t know. We haven’t prevented him from doing anything he hasn’t wanted to do. Maybe we’re too overprotective.  But we adore them nonetheless.

Any cat herding on your side?

Webinar: 50 ways to wreck collaboration and what to do about it

The webinar is done! It was a bit stressful because of the focus on the social media engagement we’re trying to garner. Week 1 of March I had to record a five-minute video of my topic. Week 2 I needed to publish an article on my LinkedIn profile about my topic. Week 3, thankfully, it was my colleague’s turn to generate engagement. Week 4 was the webinar. We had a good turnout and there were some good and challenging questions afterwards.

That’s all for now …

It was a low key week and sometimes those are the best. I’m going to read some more now. Have a wonderful week ahead.


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Weekend Coffee Share: The Timezone Edition

Welcome to this week’s Weekend Coffee Share. Come on in a grab some coffee, tea or other warm beverage. It’s getting cooler here in the southern hemisphere, so warm is in.


I worked across 4 timezones this week, Zooming from one to the next without breaking a sweat. All I needed was my ever-present cup of coffee. I like to think the quote below is true for me 🙂

Blogging from A to Z challenge

I’m entering the challenge this year. I enter it most years but the only one I’ve completed to date was in 2015. I’ve begun planning my posts – finding content and the like – and have a nice little spreadsheet going. The theme is Grammatical Glitches.

“Grammar is the greatest joy in life, don’t you find?”
― Lemony Snicket, The Wide Window

The felines

Nermal and BC are behaving in uncharacteristic ways. I think they do it on purpose to keep us on our toes. They spend the whole day outside (which is normal) and the whole night outside (which is not normal). They come in for food and are out again as soon as they are done. I wonder what’s going on with that?

Long weekend

It’s a 3-day weekend – it’s Human Rights Day today and as with all public holidays that fall on a Sunday, the following Monday is also a public holiday. It’s been quiet and laidback and Chè and I are staying in, as per usual …

Your weekend coffee share is probably more interesting than mine, so I’ll be seeing you at your spot soon.

Until next week, I wish you a safe, healthy, happy and interesting week ahead.

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