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Tethered Bridge

Does the pedestrian bridge over the Main River qualify as being tethered I wonder? What is it about bridges that lure me to walk to the middle, pause for a bit and gaze into the distance? We don’t have too many bridges over rivers here. Most of them are over freeways and the nearest river is 100kms to the south. There is a pull of opposites, a gravity-defying act that lures me to bridges and a need to see what’s on the other side.

Suspension pedestrian bridge over the River Main in Frankfurt
©2017 Regina Martins




Gallery: Frankfurt Am Main – Order

(Scroll down to see the gallery, click on any photo to enlarge).

I got blissfully lost in Frankfurt whilst searching for the Goethehaus. Enjoy the gallery of the pics I took – living in Johannesburg, Frankfurt is deliciously orderly.



Photo Essay: Munich in Action

I haven’t posted all my pics from Munich. I hope you enjoy the gallery of this bustling city. Some of the photos were taken from atopHop On Hop Off bus hence the elevated angle and reflection from the window glass 🙂

It’s a large gallery. Click on any photo to scroll through the large version of the photos.



WordPress Weekly Photo: Holy Burger

Searching for a place to have lunch when I visited Munich in October, I came across this funky burger place called Holy Burger, close to the central train station. Its decor is urban chic and the name of the place was projected rather than written on the wall. Holy Burger also has the added distinction of making a mean vegetarian burger. Its design matches my photo watermark 🙂

Holy Burger in downtown Munich
©2017 Regina Martins