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Rainy Cape Town, Kalk Bay

I’ve been in Cape Town, Kalk Bay to be specific. It was rainy, soft rain. It looked stormy out to sea. A good time to batten down the hatches. Ok, not really. But you must agree that it is a good time to stay indoors in front of the fire and order in lunch. Which is what we did.

Stormy Kalk Bay weather #kalkbayharbour #stormykalkbay

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What’s He Waiting For, I Wonder?

He gets very excited when he sees a lizard, chasing after it with a heightened sense of focus. In stealth mode, running low to the ground he comes to a stop as he reaches the wall only to look up at the escaping lizard with chagrin.

Nermal, the lizard chaser…
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WordPress Weekly Photo: Waiting.


…to photograph it all

Oh what an amazing race life is. There are those that want to win at all costs, those that want to do the best they can, those that want to have fun regardless of the journey, and those that are there to photograph it all. I want to do the best I can, heighten my awareness to enjoy the journey and also to photograph it all.

Photo below taken at one the orientation activities on the GIBS Social Entrepreneurship Programme.