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Weekend coffee share: edition storm brewing & writing streak

Welcome to this week’s coffee share. From this week it’s been hosted by Natalie the Explorer. There’s a storm brewing with thunder rumbling in the distance. The wind has whipped up and it may blow the storm away. I hope it doesn’t because the garden needs the free water. And on another water-related fact – I feel so chuffed that the Vaal Dam is at 62.6% full :). The Vaal Dam feeds the Gauteng province of which Johannesburg is a part and is part of an integrated water system consisting of fourteen rivers and at least four major dams. It was below 50% a couple of months ago. But with the moderate summer rains so far, it’s filling up nicely.

weekend coffee share storm brewing
There’s a storm brewing
©2020 Regina Martins

Come on in – I’m glad you made it before the storm starts. There’s a variety of Nespresso, Starbucks, filter coffee, french press or espresso machine type of coffee. To eat there are cookies and a gluten-free, sugar-free loaf cake that tastes just like cardboard. With a bit of jam and cream, it becomes a really healthy treat!

This week, WordPress was kind enough to send me a daily shout-out about my writing streak! Yesterday I was on seven days and I almost didn’t post. That would’ve broken my streak, but I didn’t want to disappoint WordPress ­– they must’ve been eagerly waiting to press the enter button to congratulate me on my eight-day writing streak. So, I did what any trustworthy blogger did – I posted! After a break of some years, I entered the Which Way photo challenge. Its one of my favourite challenges although I haven’t posted there in a while. Come to think of it, I haven’t been terribly good at posting in general in recent (years).

I received great feedback from my niece about This time of year is such a joy – I loved writing it, expressing the sights sounds and smells of my neighbourhood. It’s not often that I engage in creative writing and I felt gratified that the words flowed. And it was such a joy to me that my niece enjoyed it 🙂 – this means a lot.

Part of the time this week I engaged in cleaning, clearing and tidying up the house. It was long-overdue:  my spring cleaning in summer. This was a good functional exercise workout and the Fitbit registered it as steps, calories and minutes active. I addition I managed four rebounding and weights workouts and I even dedicated some space in my house for a mini gym. I’m so proud of that – having the equipment out, accessible and ready to use is the best motivator ever!

We’ve had some moderate thunderstorms up here and it always amazes me that the street-smart fighter felines come running inside at the first sounds of rumbling to hide underneath the nearest piece of furniture. They’ve been exceedingly busy this week asserting their territorial rights to our garden – Chè and I observed Nermal sneakily following a ginger intruder around the pool. The ginger intruder was none the wiser; but something must’ve warned him because before we knew it, he’d jumped on the neighbour’s wall and was off leaving Nermal either relieved or disappointed (we don’t know which).

I’ve enjoyed the many coffee dates with you all this week, and I’m looking forward to many more this week.

Until then.



2020: Lockdown life September in review

This is part of my year in review. Writing one post will make it too long, so I’m breaking each month into a separate post. This is the latest instalment of lockdown life.

I’m plodding along and not getting discouraged with the fact that it’s the 7th day of January 2021 and I’m still reviewing 2020. I’m seeing it as characteristic of 2020 – a plodding kind of year. What I mean by plodding is that it was slow and we needed to get through it, and the best way was to plod. Come to think of it … 2021 will be a plodding kind of year too, especially given that the earliest we’ll see a vaccine in South Africa is April which will cover only 10% of the population. We have a bottleneck – the government, which I hope will resolve itself soon in the hopes that they will realise that they can’t do this on their own and need help from the private sector, businesses and other interested South Africans.


Spring is here! It wasn’t exactly warm on September 1st, but it got warmer during the course of the month. It was another low key month characterised by loads of work – I’m working longer hours from home than before Covid: is anyone else experiencing this as well?

I started the UCT Copy-editing course this month, something I’ve been looking forward to! I’ve done editing of school books but I want to expand my knowledge, and this short course had my name on it 🙂

I did a webinar on the Five Essential Skills for Successful Collaborative Relationships. It’s a longish video but my webinar was 30 minutes; the rest of the time was responding to attendees’ questions. I wore make-up and work clothes :). I can’t remember if I wore shoes.

I took a vacation day on the 4th and Chè and I went out to pay the vehicle licenses that we weren’t able to do during level 5 lockdown (which is when they expired). And why is this significant? Because I wore shoes (and jeans for the first time in months).

My Mom’s orchids are flowering but not mine …


Check out August.