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Share Your World January 2nd 2023

It’s been a good long while since I participated in this challenge. Here are the first SYW questions for 2023:

Did you stay up to see the New Year in? 

Yes, watching movies. No party, just another night. It’s simpler that way.

Are there any special occasions or events coming up in 2023 for you or your family?

My niece is turning 21 next month and I’m looking forward to spending time with her and my sister in Cape Town celebrating.

Do you keep a diary?

Sometimes. Much of my life is documented – photos, Instagram, work activities. This doesn’t count if you’re referring to a diary as in writing down thoughts, feelings, etc. But it’s something, right?

How did yesterday differ from January 1st 2022 or was there no difference?

The same, just in a different location. And not everyone was there. So not the same, different. But the same, if you know what I mean.


For health, family, happiness, autonomy, travel, work that I love, working with people that are dear to me, the anticipation of an exciting new year.

Until the next time!


Weekend Coffee Share: The Rushed Edition

Hello hello, come on in. There’s the usual coffee, albeit a late one. There’s decaf too if you’re worried about not being able to fall asleep later. But nothing to eat, again.

If I sound rushed it’s because I’m stressing about training new content starting tomorrow. I’m reading and preparing to ensure I feel confident. I’m not training on my own but pairing with a co-worker who has delivered this course many times. In fact, he’s the one who created most of the content. After I train a few more times I’ll feel like I can lead the training.  But for now, I’m grateful not to be doing it on my own.

As for the rest of the week, how was yours?

Mine was super busy with work and sitting for long periods of time on Zoom. I have a comfortable gaming chair, but I still miss moving around as I used to when I was physically at clients. I’m considering getting a standing desk converter. Do any of you use a standing desk? What is it like?

On Monday I participated in a question and answer session with a group of Scrum Masters at a client in Brazil. The timezone difference made it that the session was at 7 pm my time but I had fun nonetheless. They had many questions about my experience transitioning from project management to being a Scrum Master and Agile Coach – in Portuguese!

Even though I am Portuguese, I do all my training and coaching in English and am well versed in all the technical terms related to Agile. Doing it Portuguese was challenging – I did a whole lot of research of the Portuguese terminology and even wrote passages to help me get into the Portuguese mindset. My brain must’ve connected new synapses in the process. It was rather tiring, but the more I do it, the quicker it will become second nature to me.

Right, I’ve go to go now. I need to continue preparing for tomorrow. Have a wonderful week!



PS: See you all at your coffee shares.