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My Week In Instagram Photos – Focus

My advice to the young people in my life is – Get your own business, it may not be easy but it is better than being a battery for someone else’s. Take this advice from someone who has spent 25 years being a battery for other people’s business.

Food for thought #socent

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I loved the beautiful roses on my sister’s birthday cake, real ones covered in glitter, not sugar ones, in her favourite colour.

Glittery birthday roses

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Last wekend my Mom made vanilla and chocolate muffins. They lasted but a day except for one lonely muffin – the last one everyone is too shy to have 🙂

Muffins de chocolate da MĂŁe

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Imagine if everyone in the world replaced just one judgemental thought with a curious question, just once every week…?



The Sun Was Shining in my Eyes

Have you ever taken photos with the sun shining in your eyes or directly overhead? Probably not as I’m certain that you know your way around a camera. I have loads of pics taken with these un-ideal conditions for taking photos.

There are times that I do it on purpose when I want to see the effect of a sun ray or lens flare on a scene. There are other times when the photos paint interesting pictures. They’re not bloopers every time. The gallery below has some of the most recent examples.

A-Z Challenge: C Is For Curved Windows

The curved bow (bay) window was intended as an ornamental part of a building rather than a functional one.

A feature of Victorian architecture, the style migrated to countries where the English had a presence, like South Africa. They’re to be found mainly on older houses, although there’s been a resurgence in the residential market. Contractors will bash out the current window and build in a bay window all in 1 day.

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