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2020: Lockdown life October in review

This is part of my year in review. Writing one post will make it too long, so I’m breaking each month into a separate post. This is the latest instalment of lockdown life.

 And so we get to October. It was quite an auspicious month not only because it was my birthday, but it was also the month that our family got together since February. And what better occasion than my birthday :). Isn’t my birthday cake gorgeous, baked by The Pastry Chef Bakery?

lockdown life birthday cake
Sprinkles birthday cake
©2020 Regina Martins

The lockdown life photoshoot

Back in April, I organised a professional photoshoot for my niece’s prom – which was cancelled due to Covid restrictions in South Africa (of course, it was also the right thing to do in the context of the pandemic). So I repurposed it to a family photoshoot.

The lockdown life amaryllis

One other thing of note that happened this month is the amaryllis flowered! Look at how gorgeous it is!

The lockdown life rebounder

I ordered a rebounder and was eagerly waiting for it. The seller informed me of the delay in imported shipments due to Covid at Durban harbour. I felt that sitting the whole day in front of a computer wasn’t great for my health and fitness. There was no time to do a meaningful daily walk and rebounding was something I could do at the end of the day. I’d done two classes in January that I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s also a great lymph flow and drainage exercise – essential for good health.

On a general note: during the course of the year, local deliveries became efficient and my expectations were frequently exceeded. I’m so impressed at how they courier came to the party; this also meant that people still had jobs.

That’s it for October. Have you checked out September?


2020: Lockdown life September in review

This is part of my year in review. Writing one post will make it too long, so I’m breaking each month into a separate post. This is the latest instalment of lockdown life.

I’m plodding along and not getting discouraged with the fact that it’s the 7th day of January 2021 and I’m still reviewing 2020. I’m seeing it as characteristic of 2020 – a plodding kind of year. What I mean by plodding is that it was slow and we needed to get through it, and the best way was to plod. Come to think of it … 2021 will be a plodding kind of year too, especially given that the earliest we’ll see a vaccine in South Africa is April which will cover only 10% of the population. We have a bottleneck – the government, which I hope will resolve itself soon in the hopes that they will realise that they can’t do this on their own and need help from the private sector, businesses and other interested South Africans.


Spring is here! It wasn’t exactly warm on September 1st, but it got warmer during the course of the month. It was another low key month characterised by loads of work – I’m working longer hours from home than before Covid: is anyone else experiencing this as well?

I started the UCT Copy-editing course this month, something I’ve been looking forward to! I’ve done editing of school books but I want to expand my knowledge, and this short course had my name on it 🙂

I did a webinar on the Five Essential Skills for Successful Collaborative Relationships. It’s a longish video but my webinar was 30 minutes; the rest of the time was responding to attendees’ questions. I wore make-up and work clothes :). I can’t remember if I wore shoes.

I took a vacation day on the 4th and Chè and I went out to pay the vehicle licenses that we weren’t able to do during level 5 lockdown (which is when they expired). And why is this significant? Because I wore shoes (and jeans for the first time in months).

My Mom’s orchids are flowering but not mine …


Check out August.