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The week that was

Blogging daily? Really?

It’s always my intention to blog daily. I’ve managed to do this many times. Sometimes, however, I over-estimate the time available to blog, and invariably this is what gets left behind.

I need my sleep!

As time marches on to the midnight hour, the energy left for blogging becomes less as the need for sleep becomes more.

What? Only 11 posts so far?

…well…12 if you count this one…and I so wanted to have a full 30 posts this month!

But this isn’t a competition…

…or a race, but you see…each day I don’t post is a day that I have deprived myself of the joy of writing and to log it as one more day of experience towards being a better writer.

Enough self-pity, you had a good week!

Yes, yes I did!

Easter with family.

A dear friend who lives in another country spent a few days with me.

Traffic was a breeze ‘cos of school holidays.

Another 3 day weekend!

And going to the Teatro at Montecasino to watch The Sound of Music!


Kind of, like, I mean, you know…?

I love language!

Mobile technologies like SMS, BBM, email, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, have spawned a new language. The purists are up in arms about it. I think it’s the evolution of the English language.

Without evolving a language will die out. The world is quickly being divided into those who keep up with new trends in the language, and those who don’t. Kind of like those who speak new English, and those who speak old English…I mean, who speaks like Shakespeare these days?

If you haven’t already been there, make your way to Urban Dictionary, the dictionary written by everyone. Kind of like the Wikipedia for dictionaries. Kinda…

Each day, towards the end of the day, I get my daily word. And each day I’m gobsmacked at it. I mean who comes up with these words? Much less who uses these words. Depending on your frame, you may see some as downright rude.

When I was at university, the use of colloquial language in papers was frowned upon. Yet it’s these colloquialisms that eventually become part of mainstream language, used by everyone, students and university lecturers alike.

It’s these newly developed (invented may be a better description) words that are evolving the language and keeping it alive and relevant.

Did I say already that I love language?

What was on my mind when I started blogging

Initially I wanted to write about my experiences traveling. For as long as I was visiting other countries and experiencing other cultures I had loads of inspiration.

Then I hit a “I’ve got nothing to write; I’ve got no opinion; no one is interested in what I write about” phase. Not many people visited my blog, I got few comments…and I fell off the blogging habit.

Now I’ve decided that I will just write, for me, and for those that may like what I write about. It doesn’t matter how many or how few.

Zero to Hero Blogger Intro Post: The big Y!

I’ve decided to kick my blog back into gear by doing the Zero to Hero Blogger challenge, hence the fancy new badge on the right! It started on the 1st of January but I only saw it a few days ago, so I’m going back and doing each challenge from day 1.

When I started this blog it was to chart my travels. I did a fair amount of traveling a few of years ago, but not lately. I must say that I miss traveling. I wish I had the money to travel at will. With the drop in my travels, so did my blogging. Not blogging eventually got to be a habit, even when I DID travel!

Day 1 of the challenge is to introduce myself. When I started Wide Eyed in Wonder back in January of 2012 I didn’t write a “Why am I blogging? post”. Even though I have an About Me page, I certainly didn’t do a proper introduction as to the Y of this blog and Y you should read my blog. I mean, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, so Y should you read mine?

So here is my intro…

I keep a personal journal. It’s personal and therapeutic in a different way. When I’ve dealt with what drove me to write in the journal, I tear the pages and burn them as a symbol of closure. Blogging serves a different purpose. There’s something about seeing my writing in print, published, even if it’s self-published. This is the future. Gone are the days of an elite group of people whose books got published, read in schools and analysed at ‘varsity. There is still room for that, sure. But how do we know that there aren’t Shakespeares, Donnes and Dickens’s out there who just can’t get published?

What will I write about? Well, I will write about traveling, when I travel. Seeing new things. Seeing new things with new eyes and wide eyed wonder. Experiencing new things with wide eyed wonder. I’m not the type of blogger that writes about their day or what made them upset. I don’t have kids so I’m not a Mommy-blogger which has huge audiences out there (I confess to enjoying reading Mommy-blogs though :-)). I don’t get invites to openings and shows, so I can’t categorise myself as a Lifestyle-blogger. This is a personal blog, it will grow and evolve as I grow and evolve. I love writing. I love delivering speeches, talks and presentations. Maybe I’ll test some of these on this blog. I love humour and entertaining people. I hope to develop these writing skills here.

I would love to connect with like-minded people who also love writing and reading and seeing the funny side of life. It’s never a good idea to take oneself too seriously. I’d also love to connect with fellow Toastmasters. I’ve been a Toastmaster for many years and there’s nothing better than the adrenalin rush of standing in front of an audience and delivering a speech. Some people bungee-jump or sky-dive for their adrenalin kicks. I speak in public.

If I blog successfully throughout 2014, what do I hope to accomplish? Fame and fortune! A publishing deal! My own talk show! Readers that will actually leave me comments. Seriously though…I want to tell my story; I want to tell many stories; I’d like to start conversations and get to know other people’s stories as well.

Ultimately, with this challenge I want to make blogging a habit once again!