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Playboy bunnies and shoes

Sometime last year there was a huge billboard on the M1 close to Melrose Arch. It was for the new Playboy club and it had the photo of a voluptious Playboy bunny…facing the freeway. I am still amazed that there were no accidents on that stretch. The billboard really caught the attention. I cannot imagine any guy not to resist looking at it, and looking at it, and looking at it, eyes off the road.In any event, the billboard was up for just a few months and was replaced by another one, less dangerous to motorists.

A few months later, another billboard went up, in roughly the same area, but across the freeway from Melrose Arch. It was for Nine West. And it featured the most beautiful platform sandals. I could not keep my eyes off this billboard. The effect on any woman must have been like the Playboy billboard was to guys. It certainly was for me. I had to concentrate to keep my eyes on the road. I eventually bought the shoes.

Both billboards were successful I am sure. And I am certain that the startling shock factor of each was a well thought out strategy by the ad agency. It certainly worked for me. I wonder how many visits or memberships they got to the Playboy club with the other one? They got it just right. Put a scantily clad woman on a billboard to sell to most guys. Put a pair of shoes on a billboard to sell to most women. It works.

One man’s Playboy bunny is another woman’s shoes.

Blogging crisis

I’ve hit a blogging crisis! Aaarghhh… I enjoy writing but do people enjoy reading my writings?  Does my blog have relevance? Will I get return visits? Will my readers subscribe to it? I know I’m probably not the first blogger to wonder about this.

At the moment I have my friends coming by to read my posts (thank you :-)), and some are people that have found my blog via Google. This is very exciting.

When I started blogging I was asked what kind of blog is mine? At the time I had done a few posts on India. But to sustain a travel blog would not be realistic because I don’t travel as much as I would want to. Not like this guy, Johnny Vagabond. So, mine was not a travel blog. I also researched the winning blogs of the SA Blog Awards. Here I found different categories, like Science and Technology blogs, Food and Wine blogs and Fashion Blogs. But I was sadly dismayed to find that there isn’t a “Personal” blog category section. Because my blog is mainly a personal blog.

As I was trawling through the web these past few days (that’s where I’ve been, in cyberspace), I found Squidoo. It’s an online content publishing platform. You can literally build a page in minutes. These pages are called “lenses”. There are a variety of types of “lenses”. One of my favourite “lenses” is one on how to knit socks – go on by and take a look. They look so beautiful. No, I’m not about to start knitting socks, but I am fascinated at the range of information and patterns in this “lens” about knitting socks, the tools needed to knit socks, and the different methods of knitting socks, to name but a few of the posts in this “lens”. Who would have thought this topic to have such wide applicability and information.

I guess there are blogs for all all tastes and interests. I trust that I will find more readers that will keep coming back for more. And tell their friends about it too. I must just keep writing.


What do you call the future? Interesting question my husband posed this afternoon. His BBM read “Aki talking to David O’ Sullivan, using WiFi from a Mango flight. Will cost R50 for one way and R90 all day.”

He then went on to say “The future is here. So now what do we call the future?”

I must admit that I read the message navigating Rivonia Road traffic. Ok, I know I should not be reading BBMs in the traffic but I can’t resist the tinny ping of a BBM message :-). It also confused me. I mean, the present is the past and the future at the same time because time passes. So why do we have to call the future anything? It is the now isn’t it? There is only the now.

Seen in the context of the Mango message, I realised what he meant.

So, I responded that the future doesn’t end. Nothing does. Everything is infinite. Ok, this is not a philosophical discussion.

My clever husband then settled on a wonderful name for the future – Outfinite! How gorgeous is that? A never-ending cycle of thinking outside the box gives us infinite possibilities. Infinite progress. Infinite opportunities for change.  Outfinite!

So the future is called Outfinite!

How cool is that :-)?

365 scary things!

A friend said to me today, “Do something that scares you everyday! No matter how small the thing, or how big the thing is that scares you, by the end of the year you will have done 365 things that are now not scary anymore.”

How cool is that? Fear comes from living in the future, not the present. If we live scared all the time, how do we enjoy life, which happens NOW not tomorrow?!? Fear creates stuck states preventing me from being able to smell the roses, or in my case, the coffee. And I do so love to smell the coffee 🙂

What scary thing did I do today? I had a packet of chips and a kitkat from the vending machine at work! For a vegetarian health nut like me, that is scary!

What scary thing have you done today?

No, not the Eat Pray Love “thing”

Most times when I tell people that I spent 1 month in India, the first thing they ask is if I did the Eat Pray Love “thing”.

So I want to set the record straight here. Much as I enjoyed the book, and admire Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey of self-discovery, I didn’t feel that I needed to do that for myself.

I don’t think that one goes on a journey to discover oneself. I mean, how can you possibly know that you will have “self-discovered” at the end? And what then? Do you try and get your money back if you don’t? Ok, so that is an extreme proposition :-).

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