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What to do when you don’t post daily for NaBloPoMo

What to do, what to do…when you miss posting daily for NaBloPoMo? Create a weekend mash-up of all the prompts off-course…preferably around a theme, like the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

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WordPress Weekly Photo: Musically Ephemeral

Musical instruments projected onto a gigantic wall, ephemerally teasing the photographer in her quest for the perfect photo!

The projection rotated around the walls requiring multiple clicks of the camera to get the image in just the right place before it moved on.

In response to WordPress’s weekly photo theme of Ephemeral. 


Here at last

Well, after doing all the planning in December last year we are here in Cape Town for the Jazz festival. I’m a planner and the earlier I do things the better it is. It removes last minute travel anxiety. Cape Town is busy, and not only for the festival – most schools have closed for the Easter holidays. I have never seen the airport so busy. We’re staying in our favourite part of the city bowl with the Mountain looking down, guardian-like over the city. 

(Low-res pic with what I hope is the cable station in a perfect rule of thirds!)