Weekend Coffee Share: The Travel Blogging Edition

Welcome to my regular weekend coffee share. Let’s chat about travel blogging. I can’t say that I’m a travel blogger but I feel comfortable saying that I blog about my travels – in fact, it was the theme of my A to Z blogging challenge this year.

I completed all the letters of the alphabet despite having run late on some days. If you haven’t yet read any of my posts, I’ll link them below – there are more photos than text, and what I did write was more about my feelings about the place and some experiences.

A to Z blogging challenge posts

Blogging from A to Z posts – my favourite ones so far are D is for Durban, J is for Johannesburg, R is for Raleigh and S is for Sagres:
Z is for Zurich
Y is for Y Travel
X is for X Marks the Spot
W is for Windhoek
V is for Vienna
U is for Umdloti Beach
T is for Trou au Cerfs
S is for Sagres
R is for Raleigh
Q is for Quatres Bornes
P is for Port Louis
O is for Okahandja
N is for New York
M is for Marrakesh
L is for Lisbon
K is for Kanchanaburi
J is for Johannesburg
I is for Istanbul (Magnetic Istanbul)
H is for Hua Huin (party town)
G is for Ghent
F is for Flic en Flac
E is for Erawan Falls
D is for Durban (Memories)
C is for Chiang Mai
B is Bangkok
A is for Ayutthaya

Travel travel travel

I love traveling and am missing it. The smell, sights, and sounds of a new place – oh how I miss it. Finding places to eat, buy food, how to get around in a new place, and so on. And getting to know the place in that way, the real place, the people, where the locals eat (the best food), rather than just the tourist attractions.

In the meantime, until I travel again, I devour travel blogs. I found Travomania recently, and it has such amazing pics and info. I really like the premise of the site:

"Travo means another form of travel bravo. If someone will do bravo things in travel we call it travo and mania means madness. So Travomania means the madness about doing bravo things in travel. This is how I formed Travomania. Every traveler has different and unique travo stories, Travomania is the platform for those who want to share their travo experiences with the world."

Now, this is a place I’d like to visit – Shimla Travel Guide – Destinations, How to Reach, and Things to Do.

Visiting India is still one of the highlights of my travels so far. I spent one month there working and playing; in addition to seeing beautiful places, India also proved to be a great teacher – beautifully orderly chaotic, amidst the diversity of people from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Looking ahead

Next week is busy-ish. I’m speaking at the Virtual Regional Scrum Gathering in South Africa – and I have a fair amount of things to prepare for that. Luckily I’m collaborating with a colleague on this talk. Early on in my speaking career, I wanted to go it alone, building my brand along the way. Now, all I want is to collaborate with other like-minded people and deliver powerful presentations and workshops that leverage both of our strengths.

Until next weekend, I’m bidding you adieu aka “cheers and see you soon” as we say in South Africa.

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