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Weekend Coffee Share: The Here and There Edition

Hello! on this beautiful Sunday. The skies are cloud-free and blue (they could be another colour), and the temperature warm enough to be outside in short sleeves. You’re assured of many types of coffees, as usual, and teas. Today there is also cake. I made a simple sponge cake yesterday, a recipe as old as time. It was the first cake I ever made as a kid, and it brought me so much joy making it again. It’s simple enough – no frosting – that you can slather it with cream, jam, or honey to enjoy with your beverage. Yummmm …

Last week in a nutshell

Last week was busy work-wise. There were no deliveries. Coffee time was the usual highlight. Evenings spent watching Arrowverse shows on Netflix. Wonderful!

Looking after Garfield

We’re looking after our neighbour’s cat for a few days. He’s really missing his humans so when we go over he greets us with frantic miaows, and when I bend down he jumps (yes, literally) into my arms for some love and attention. Of course, when the food is out he loses all interest in me focusing instead on his bowl. Garfield is Nermal’s brother so naturally, we have a very soft spot for him as well.

Vacation day tomorrow

I’ve taken tomorrow off from work. Tuesday is a public holiday here – April 27th and Freedom Day commemorating our first democratic elections. I remember South Africans spending many hours standing in queues to vote. Chè, his brother, and I went out at 9 am and left after 4 pm. But what a time it was – ALL South Africans came out to stand together for the first time.

Getting restless tech-wise

I’m getting restless tech-wise. My Macbook Air, a 2016 model is starting to show signs of wanting to slow down. I keep it clean and virus-free, and its memory clear. When I work I have many tabs and apps open at the same time – Zoom for conferencing, Miro as a collaborative white space, Slack for messaging, Notes for my notes ;), and many other tabs open on Chrome with info I need. I keep Safari closed as it takes up too many resources. The fan works overtime keeping the CPU cool which leads to slow responsiveness. This is not fun when I’m teaching a class.

I can’t do fancy virtual backgrounds nor have sophisticated camera software because I only have 2 cores. Soooo, all this to say that I’ve begun courting the Apple Mac Mini with the M1 chip (512 GB SSD with 8GB memory). Price-wise it’s ok but I’m considering whether I should rather put the money towards a generator and more batteries for the inverter.

A to Z blogging challlenge

I’m running behind as usual and playing catch-up. Here are the latest posts from this week. There are another 2 coming up shortly.

P is for Port Louis
O is for Okahandja
N is for New York
M is for Marrakesh

My orchid

I have 3 flower spikes growing and new leaves. This is the plant that I almost lost. I watched some Youtube videos from Miss Orchid Girl that were enough to save my orchid. I can’t wait for the flowers.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our coffee on this sunny Sunday. Wishing you a great week ahead.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: The Here and There Edition”

    1. I started with Arrow. Then my niece told me about the Arrowverse and suggested I also watch The Flash. I got to S3 of Arrow and S2 of The Flash and then began with Legends. So, we watch in that order (1 ep a night) and meet up at the cross-overs. We usually have to watch Arrow and The Flash for a bit before the cross-overs because Legends has less eps per season. I have a list of the cross-overs and where they are. I’m not actively watching Supergirl (only the cross-over ep) or any of the other series. Before the first big cross-over (Invasion) we were a bit out of sync, but we’re ok now 🙂
      I just love love love the cross-overs – the big ones are such events all on their own!

  1. It’s nice to get in a few extra days off! Thanks for the coffee and sorry about your techy woes. Technology is wonderful and frustrating sometimes too!! Have a great week ahead! ❤️

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