Blogging for A to Z: O is for Okahandja

Right! So I don’t have photos at hand of this small town on the way to Swakopmund in Namibia. The pics I have are stored away so nicely that I can’t even remember if they are on CD-ROM or in the cloud.

It’s about 70 kms from Windhoek – the four lane freeway has narrowed by this point to two lanes, one going each way. The last time I drove to Swakopmund (this is a road trip you just have to do should you ever find yourself in this beautiful country) the veld was blackened from recent fires. It is stark countryside to begin with – the black scrub just gave it a dramatic hades-like feel and I admit to having felt a tad unnerved.

Okahandja is in the centre of the country and despite the harsh countryside, it is known as the garden town of Namibia.

Okahandja means the place where two rivers (Okakango and Okamita) flow into each other to form one wide one in Otjiherero.

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