Theme Change – A to Z Challenge

Grammatical Glitches was a bridge too far for me (read about my self-talk here) so, as suggested by a fellow blogger…I’ve changed the theme to something that doesn’t need as much prep and research.

Instead, I’ll be writing about the cities I’ve travelled to and through, and even some that I’ve lived in. At least for those, I have many many photos upon which I’ll rely.

I have four posts to catch up on. See you there!

4 thoughts on “Theme Change – A to Z Challenge”

  1. I can’t wait, and your the sweetest for liking my idea!! ❤️ I haven’t figured out how to use the schedule to release posts and only read recently other bloggers doing this which would help in posting daily. (I had no idea WP has this actually. Good to know!) Lol I’ll look into that for future challenges!

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