Weekend Coffee Share: The Rushed Edition

Hello hello, come on in. There’s the usual coffee, albeit a late one. There’s decaf too if you’re worried about not being able to fall asleep later. But nothing to eat, again.

If I sound rushed it’s because I’m stressing about training new content starting tomorrow. I’m reading and preparing to ensure I feel confident. I’m not training on my own but pairing with a co-worker who has delivered this course many times. In fact, he’s the one who created most of the content. After I train a few more times I’ll feel like I can lead the training.  But for now, I’m grateful not to be doing it on my own.

As for the rest of the week, how was yours?

Mine was super busy with work and sitting for long periods of time on Zoom. I have a comfortable gaming chair, but I still miss moving around as I used to when I was physically at clients. I’m considering getting a standing desk converter. Do any of you use a standing desk? What is it like?

On Monday I participated in a question and answer session with a group of Scrum Masters at a client in Brazil. The timezone difference made it that the session was at 7 pm my time but I had fun nonetheless. They had many questions about my experience transitioning from project management to being a Scrum Master and Agile Coach – in Portuguese!

Even though I am Portuguese, I do all my training and coaching in English and am well versed in all the technical terms related to Agile. Doing it Portuguese was challenging – I did a whole lot of research of the Portuguese terminology and even wrote passages to help me get into the Portuguese mindset. My brain must’ve connected new synapses in the process. It was rather tiring, but the more I do it, the quicker it will become second nature to me.

Right, I’ve go to go now. I need to continue preparing for tomorrow. Have a wonderful week!



PS: See you all at your coffee shares.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: The Rushed Edition”

  1. That does sound stressful but I’m glad you have support while you learn the training. And I can’t imagine doing something in another language! That’s really cool and good for your brain. I am envious, I should have learned how to read and speak another language! (High school, college language doesn’t count. The best way to be fluent I think is to live that language daily). Lol thank you for the coffee!

    1. Living the language daily is indeed the best way. Most times people can read and write better than converse in a different language. Being immersed in the language is the best way to master the conversational aspect.

  2. Oh my goodness, no cake!? seriously I am sorry you have been so busy. I can send you some cake…here you go. I spent part of the weekend baking and I am retired.

    Take care,

    Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

  3. Regina, I used to have a work desk that can be raised or lowered. It’s good to have the options to work standing up or sitting down and alternate positions throughout the day.

    I’m curious if you’re Portuguese by birth or from a Portuguese-speaking country then moved to South Africa to work? It’s great that you’re bilingual or multilingual although I know technical vocabulary is different from day-to-day vocabulary.

    Congratulations on completing your Q&A session with the group in Brazil! All the best with your new content training this week. Thank you for linking with #WeekendCoffeeShare.
    Natalie recently posted…The Best Markets and Blog PartiesMy Profile

    1. I’m Portuguese by birth, born in Mozambique. At the age of 9 we moved to South Africa and that was when I began to learn English. I’ve been here ever since. I can speak 3 languages, Afrikaans is the other one. The one I feel most comfortable doing my work in is English.

      I was glad to hear that the Brazilian crowd enjoyed our Q&A.

  4. Regina – you are amazing. I did not realize you were under this pressure when you read my longer story. I would have waved you off because of limited time. I’ve been sent into classes where I was not prepared and one where the customer was given more material about the topic that I was. It was awful. Easily the worse teaching experience I ever had.

    I bet you’ll do fine and make us proud to know you. We can catch up whenever you’re not under such a crunch.

    1. It’s totally ok . I love reading, it’s my stress relief strategy. I need to make more time for it.
      Have you also found that the work/home boundaries are porous due to working from home?
      The scenario you describe is awful. Gosh!
      Well, so far it’s been a baptism by fire but my knowledge has increased.

  5. That is impressive to answer question with advanced terminology in another language, than the one you usually speak. I imagine Portuguese being very different compared to English. I hope your week was good, and that you got to do a little bit of relaxing this weekend. Cheers to a fabulous ew week!
    Maria recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

    1. Thank you Maria . Portuguese is different to English and grammatical structure too. I need lots of practice.
      I’m delivering training in English this week so the week is going to be busy.
      Have a wonderful week!

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