Weekend Coffee Share: The Blogging Edition

Weekend Coffee Share: The Blogging Edition

Welcome to Weekend Coffee Share: The Blogging Edition. There is all manner of coffees and teas. But there is nothing to eat because I haven’t stocked up on non-perishable supplies this week. That said, I am planning on baking a cake later. I have enough supplies for that.

A word to describe January

Natalie The Explorer asked for a word to describe January and the one I chose was ‘blogging’ because I posted 21 times (22 times with this post) and rekindled participation in a few challenges. The last time I did more than this amount was in September 2017 with 24 posts.

Multitasking bad, bad multitasking

I was busy this week with training and more work activities. There was so much multitasking that I reminded myself many times to slow down and do one thing at a time. In fact, that works for me every time – I accomplished all that I needed to.

Rain, rain, and more rain

The weather was the dominant topic of discussion among Joburgers this week. Last week we experienced the tail end of cyclone Eloise. This week we’re still experiencing rain, wind and thunder although I can’t attribute it to Eloise. This pattern is not new to Joburg in summer. However, what makes this different is that it is continued rain with barely a hint of blue skies and sunny weather. Now, this is an anomaly for us because we have the most beautifully clear and sunny weather 90% of the time.

Cat activity

Needless to say, the cats spent a lot of time indoors although there are times that they are in the garden in the rain! Right now Nermal is sleeping, leaning against my leg and BC is hiding somewhere in the house. They’re displaying some sense (for a change 😉 )

Well, that’s it from my side. Tell me about your week.

Until the next one.


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12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: The Blogging Edition”

  1. Wow! You are an inspiration. I can’t imagine posting 22 times in a month. Way to go!

    Right now, I would be happy to see some rain. We just got a foot of snow where I live and we will be digging out for days. Ugh! So ready for spring!

  2. Hi Regina, it is nice to meet you. What is an Agile Coach? 22 posts in one month, wow!. Like another writer mentioned above, my initial goal was two posts a week, but then life got busier and I was fortunate to get one a week done or one every few weeks. Right now I am back to one a week and occasionally more and I am also sharing some older posts. Really enjoying the Coffee Share and getting to met a whole new group of people. Also, I appreciate your view of multi-tasking. Personally, I think it is over rated, or I am just easily distractible and multi-tasking takes me in too many rabbit trails. Michele

    1. Hi Michele, nice to meet you too 🙂
      Personally speaking, I don’t think anyone can multitask (not even women 😉 ). Something has got to give when there is too much on the plate. One thing at a time is indeed best and I get more done that way.

      An Agile Coach is someone that helps multiple teams adopt agile principles, practices and methods to improve performance and outcomes. They also help leadership remove the barriers and coach them to lead in complexity so that the company can embrace and sustain a company-wide agile transformation; so there is work at the organisation culture level. Agile comes from Lean Manufacturing (the Toyota production system in Japan) and is about delivering complex products. It originated in software development, although it is now used in many areas outside of software development.

      I’m glad you’ve joined the coffee share – it’s such a great community. About the 22 posts, I’m still deciding if I should try and best that this month 🙂
      I hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. Hi Regina, I don’t think I’ve ever been in the kind of storm you described. I do love a good storm, but doubt I would enjoy one that deserves it’s own name. Glad you seem to be safe and staying busy.

    Hey, I’m still hoping you get some time to read and react to my longer story: Ayem Notthymn, the second door. I’m planning a pass in the next few weeks to strengthen a few points, but wanted to get some distance from it so I can read it with fresher eyes myself, but would love to have your reaction to it as it sits.

    My week was mostly busy with work as I have a frustrating project that is fighting with me about finishing. The data I need is proving hard to get and then to update as things change.
    I find it exhausting to deal with stuff like this.

    Hope all are well; safe and healthy on your side.

    1. Hi Gary, thankfully there aren’t any cyclones at the moment that will affect us, although it is rainy and dreary.
      I’ve been busy with work and working in different timezones. Your project sounds like a complex one.
      I’ll start reading Ayem Notthymn The Second Door tonight. I read Ayem Notthymn and it kept me engrossed until the end.
      Hope you have a wonderful week and that your project issue resolves soon.

  4. I feel “blogging” is an appropriate word to describe my January too. I’ve been writing a little bit more actively. I feel it is fr more active than scrolling through social media because I get to also share what I am doing throughout the month such as what books I’ve read, recipes I’ve experimented with, internalize my feelings, etc.

    1. I’m not so keen on Facebook or Twitter anymore although I do still like Instagram. But I prefer blogging too because I feel like the connections I make are more real and I feel safer sharing.

  5. You have been blogging a lot in January! Awesome! I am currently aiming for two posts a week, but settling for one if two is undoable. My days are so long Mon-Fri that there is not much blogging going on then, but I still enjoy it a lot, and don’t want to loose momentum completely, so in the weekends I’m on it 🙂

    I hope you get to see some more sunny skies this coming week. I took a walk in the snow around noon today, and it was so bright that I could barely see, I was wearing sunglasses, but when the sun shines on the snow it can be almost painfully bright at times. At the same time it was so cold that my GPS didn’t work on my phone. I wasn’t cold, I was very comfortable, but I decided to turn around from the new trail I was exploring, since I could barely see, and I was afraid getting lost since I couldn’t count on my GPS to help me out. Anyways, I did not expect this experience when I decided to go out, but I am glad I did go out anyways. Fresh air feels good. I did walk around 5k in varied terrain. I hope you are enjoying a great weekend! <3
    Maria recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

    1. Two posts a week is doable. In February I may do less than in January as work is ramping up.
      Going for a walk cold weather must be very energizing. Each time I’ve been in Europe in winter it’s been colder than I am used to but I always felt energized after a walk (I never did walks on trails, it was city walking).
      My weekend has been good. In between blogging I’m catching up on TV shows on Netflix.

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