Monday issues

Monday issues

BlueJeans (an alternative to Zoom) was up and down today – the breakout rooms kept crashing and my trainees had to reconnect many times. Couple that with poor internet connectivity for some of them and it made for an interesting (not!) training day.

Unfortunately, this client’s IT department doesn’t allow the use of Zoom, and Microsoft Teams doesn’t give me enough control of the training environment. So BlueJeans was the most viable alternative – I sent them a couple of pieces of feedback and I’m holding thumbs that they fix whatever glitch was causing the issues today. I’ve used this app before and it worked just fine.

I’m grateful for my co-worker, R, who helped moderate the meeting. She was a lifesaver. She bit her nails down to the quick (almost) with handling all the technical issues and other logistical tasks associated with the training.

Zoom apparently had a similar problem today, also with the break out rooms … hmmm … both apps with the same issue on the same day …

I dubbed it Monday issues.


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