Weekly writing update #1

Grammarly dutifully sends me a writing update each week. And sometimes they want to know why I’m not writing. I feel the pressure to write each time – Grammarly’s guilt-trip is working.

This week they gleefully announced that I’m using a new tone! Actually, to be accurate, 3 new tones: confident, friendly and optimistic. I’m friendly, confident and optimistic all the time – for some reason Grammarly has lost my writing history over December. Or it’s disconnected itself from my profile again.

writing update

Of course, I was also 91% more productive, 80% more accurate and used 93% more unique words than other Grammarly users.

The top 3 mistakes:

- Missing comma in a compound sentence.

- Missing period.

- Missing closing punctuation.

On the blogging front, I posted 5 times last week.

And I started reading Barak Obama’s A Promised Land, that I’m enjoying a great deal.

I’m still trying to get to grips with the new AIOSEO (All In One SEO) – I love it that now I can get an SEO score for each of my posts: this one is 89%. (I’m competing against myself, aiming to beat each new score!)

Until tomorrow.



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