2020: June in Review (oh dear!)

This is part of my year in review. Writing one post will make it too long, so I’m breaking each month into a separate post. This is the latest instalment.

June was just as bland as the highveld winter landscape. Lockdown level 5 was lifted to 4. Chè and I took to long walks through our neighbourhood leading us to discover new roads and small enclaves.

We had another trip to the doctor; this time Chè banged his head on the edge of the door while getting up from a squat and needed stiches.

One highlight was our attendance at a Toastmasters meeting, now virtual. It’s been absolute ages since we attended one and it was wonderful! Some new faces, many familiar ones. The amazing thing is that members attended from as far afield as the US. Normally they would attend once a year on their stint back in South Africa.

Together with my niece and nephew, we started creating 60 Seconds for kids cards. The grown-up version of the game is too difficult for them. I realised that 60 Seconds needs to release updates per generation. What is knowledge for me may not be the same for the Gen Zs. It’s not enough to have one for kids as the cards might be too easy for the in-between generation.

This monthly review is just as dry as the garden – oh dear!


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