2020: May in Review

This is part of my year in review. Writing one post will make it too long, so I’m breaking each month into a separate post. This is the latest instalment.

  • Cooler weather but still sunny and warm to enjoy lunch on the lawn.
  • I delivered two training courses virtually (this is beginning to sound like  William Shatner’s Captain’s log of the USS Enterprise …)
  • My Mom and Dad had their birthdays this month. We didn’t get together as we usually do. Instead, we had Whatsapp video calls.
  • I bought fabric facemasks because sewing is not a strength of mine. And I also helped a local designer with her business which is taking a knock due to lockdown. Now Chè and I are the proud owners of designer 3-layer colourful fabric face masks. Given that face masks are here to stay for a while longer I may as well make it a fashion statement.
what 3-layer fabric face masks look like
Colourful fabric face masks.
©2020 Regina Martins


Eye-watering hot chilli peppers
©2020 Regina Martins

Chè’s chilli plants yielded some eye-watering hot chillies.

More baking.

More picnic lunches on the lawn with the cats.

More cat selfies and cats in boxes.

  • I burned my thigh and a small patch of my belly with boiling water. It was so careless of me. I immediately stripped and spent 30 minutes with the hand shower, dousing the area in cold water. This helped with the pain. I went to the doctor the next morning and the nurse dressed it nicely. It didn’t look too bad at the doctor’s offices, the skin was smooth but red. As the days progressed it looked much worse with blistering and patches where there was no skin. I was fastidious about changing the dressing and not getting it wet, and fortunately, it healed after about three weeks. I still have a scar though which I’m sure will fade with time.
  • The month ended with my niece’s fully virtual Grade 12 graduation. The school did such a wonderful job of coordinating the delivery of the certificates, gowns, and mortarboard and tassel to all the students the week before the event. They prepared a wonderful combination of live and recorded presentations, and the IT department managed the live streaming of it on YouTube so well. It even included some entertainment. So we attended it from the comfort of our own lounge.

And that’s a wrap for May.


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