100 Happy Thoughts – 2020 Edition – The Second 20

Overuse of exclamation marks alert!!!!!!!!


Day 21 – A picnic on the lawn.

Nermal in a box ©2020ReginaMartins

Day 22 – This gorgeous cat – such a joy! No boxes are safe with him, and there are more now with all the online deliveries …

Day 23 – Experimented with a new recipe – chicken and leek casserole, except that I replaced the leeks with cauliflower.

Day 24 – Delivered training to a group of people from all over the world. This is one of the benefits of working virtually – my reach is greater.

Day 25 – Sat in the sun and the felines couldn’t resist – they came and sat with me too.

Day 26 – Chè made hot cross buns and raisin bread – yum …

Day 27 – Coffee breaks!

Day 28 – Summer thunderstorms in the late afternoon.

Day 29 – Online shopping.

Day 30 – When the above is delivered. (I will continue shopping this way post-Covid).

Day 31 – Completed my Copy-editing course.

Day 32 – Balmy summer evenings.

Day 33 – The rare family lunch (we’ve had 2 so far this year what with lockdowns and all …). 2020 you have a lot to answer for! 2021, we expect great things from you!

Day 34 – Sleeping in on the weekend.

Day 35 – My new office chair – it’s a gaming chair and well worth the price for the comfort and support it gives me on my full day stints in front of a camera.

Day 36 – Phone calls with the sunshines of my life – my niece and nephew.

Day 37 – My new comfortable leggings; they’re perfect for my day long stints on Zoom.

Day 38 – WFH!

Day 39 – Our family photoshoot.

Day 40 – Summer is here!

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