Well, That Didn’t Really Work Out, Did It? – Vol. 1

The title of this post is referring to my beautiful intention of participating in the once a year, April A-Z Blogging Challenge. I even had the topics for each letter worked out.

Then Covid19 lockdown happened and things went up in a ball of smoke.

Pivoting and Reading

The company I work for had to rapidly pivot to convert all face-to-face training and coaching to online offerings. I had little time for anything else. Easter weekend came and all I felt like doing was nothing. Well, not exactly nothing, but reading. All I did was read.

Social Media

I’ve scaled back on social media in the last year. I still have the accounts, and occasionally check into them. The only one I actively post to is Instagram, where I have been mini-blogging.

Home Office

I love my home office. I’ve had to ‘juje’ it up a bit for Zoom you see.


I live on Zoom, it’s so tiring. But I still have a job, and for that I’m grateful.

I dress up for delivering training, I do my hair and make-up. But I still wear wooly socks and slippers. No one needs to know right? My feet need to be warm and comfortable to be happy.

Lying on the Grass

As soon as my last Zoom session of the day is over I run outside to lie on the grass for a bit, let the sun touch my face before it drops below the roof of my neighbour’s house.

.PHP Frustration

Godaddy still has my blog on older servers and trying to update the PHP version is so frustrating. Looking for the right help file is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are no email addresses that I could find to send them a message. A call to the support centre was my last resort – they’re having some sort of outage so my wait was 43 minutes! Not a chance would I wait this long for help! So here I sit, and still, my site is on an older version of PHP. Grrrrr….


5 thoughts on “Well, That Didn’t Really Work Out, Did It? – Vol. 1”

  1. Hi Regina, its great you are back, yes you are right indeed Covid-19 arrived and the world was turned up side down. We are all in the ‘ZOOM’ world andngoodness knows when it will end.
    Thank you for your post which resonates with me in many ways.
    I too had found keeping up with posting regularly on my blog a challenge Thanks to locked down I am discovering I have a bit of time to start posting regularly again. Keep safe.

    1. I’m glad you’re also back. I was delighted to see your post pop into my mailbox this week. Having time makes a big difference. I need to make blogging a habit again like it used to be, that no matter how busy I was, I always managed a small post, even if it was a photo. I want to get back to that again.

  2. This pandemic has created lots of frustrations for sure. Long wait times at service companies is one for sure. I was trying to order a load of garden soil yesterday (they are now only doing telephone orders) I was on hold for twenty minutes and finally gave up.

    1. Your mention of garden soil reminded me that shortly after the start of lockdown I wanted to get a can of white paint to renew my office shelves. I had the time to do that which I don’t usually have time for…but not able to buy paint, as here in South Africa our initial lockdown was quite restrictive. So now I can buy paint, but I dread the store queues.

      1. Yes. Here the queues are getting longer by the week. The banks closed their lobbies weeks ago so drive through only. Today I was in line for twenty minutes but I have learned to bring things to do in the car.

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