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Weekend Coffee Share: The Fitbit Edition

Hello to this week’s edition of the Weekend Coffee Share.

I’m quite pleased that I was able to blog most days this week. It’s the most I’ve done since April and WordPress even sent me a “3-day streak congratulations” message. The next day I didn’t blog so that was the end of that streak. Maybe WordPress jinxed it by sending me that message 😉

The weather has been warming up and it’s been hot for the last 3 or 4 days. All the windows and doors are open and it’s back to wearing slip slops again.

This week was client, client, home, home, home, braai with friends, shopping. I could talk about fibre being finally in the area in a month or so, and how I didn’t post anything on Instagram, and how Che and I are still watching 12 Monkeys.

Or I could talk about the casserole I’m going to make for dinner tonight (sweet potato and tuna cheesy casserole – gluten-free and low GI).

Or that the new strap for my Fitbit Charge HR arrived this week together with a face protector. It’s an old Fitbit, circa 2015 but it still works fine and I’m not on the page of spending good money on a new one. The strap of the HR had a known factory defect, namely the bubbling of the rubber encasing the strap. I only found out that it was a factory defect when I looked for a Youtube video explaining how to swop it. It’s a no-name brand strap but I don’t care – it fits and my Fitbit looks like a brand new one. And I also have a rubber protector for the face – double protection.

Which brings me to the state of my fitness – which is not where it should be. And there is not much to say about this because I don’t want to get into the ‘should’ or ‘could’ game.

So, that is it for this week. How was your week?

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: The Fitbit Edition”

  1. Hello Regina, I don’t think we’ve met before, but it is always a pleasure to see a new friend stopping by, in this case, you stopped by for my weekend coffee share. Even a brief review of your blog tells me that you are the type of person and blogger I hope comes back and becomes a regular. We have lots of common interests, which with you is rather easy. You have an amazing list of interests over to the left hand side of the screen. I hope you stop by my blog, even though I use it in a much more targeted way. I have pretty much one project for now and that is capturing fun memories from growing up and turning them into short 10-minute to read essays. Most are funny and a few border on serious or inspirational. I should capture some notes from my public speaking coaching notes. I bet you would find them valuable. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

    1. Hi Gary, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. It will be great to see your public speaking coaching notes on your blog. The premise of your writing, 10-minute essays, is compelling. It’s incredible how much you remember, I don’t have such a long memory of my childhood. Perhaps I should begin to write what I do remember and see what else I recall.

  2. I still haven’t gotten around to getting a fitbit, but it’s on my wish list. I think it would serve as a good motivator. How do you like yours? Pro’s? Con’s?

    I hope you’re having an awesome week!

    1. I find that it is a good motivator. The pros are that I can see my progress ito steps, calories burned, heart rate, distance walked/runned, stairs climbed. It also buzzes when I get a call and I can see who’s calling without having my phone close by. Oh yes, and the vibrating silent alarm, it felt weird at first but I got used to it – no loud beeps in the morning. The cons are that there is no tracking of my progress while it’s charging, this is especially annoying when I get points and coffee vouchers from my health insurance for keeping fit, but it’s not a Fitbit issue, so I guess I can only think of pros 🙂

  3. I keep track of my fitness the hard way by measuring my strides and going for a run and measuring how long I was running for ha! fitbit for what hahaha
    congrats on the streak even if it got kinda jinxed but hurrah for the effort, its surprisingly not as easy as it seems isnt it

    1. Going for a run is a sure-fire way of not only getting fit but getting the steps in. No Fitbit can replace the effort and hard work, that’s for sure.

    1. I bought low carb protein meal replacement sachets and I’m trying them out this week before committing to the big tub. Let’s see how that goes. Have a great week Kathleen.

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