Weekend Coffee Share 14.10.2018

Two cups of coffee down and I’m ready to share the week’s happenings over another one with you.

Monday and Tuesday I attended training. I wasn’t feeling 100% yet from the previous week’s sinus infection but I’m glad I went because I learnt some new things. The only crappy part was the traffic. The venue location meant that I needed to go across town through the bottleneck that is the M1. On Monday I drove home the long way just to miss the M1 traffic. It was longer but faster.

I was at the same venue on Wednesday, this time I was the one delivering the training. I run a simulation to help the concepts stick and I’m always amazed at what people can build in a short space of time with just paper, scissors, and glue.

On Thursday I met with a partner to discuss our upcoming facilitation course at The Art Farm, a delightful place out in the countryside. It felt wonderful being out amongst the trees, veld and wide open spaces. We got a lot of work done.

Friday was “office” day. That is a misnomer since my office is at home but you get the idea…calls, and admin. Che and I did go out for lunch to the Two Trees bakery, quite rustic, and it was nice to not be in a mall. While there, two very strong gusts of wind drove people inside from the garden, and the ensuing dust storm decreased visibility.

The weekend has been rather dreary, rainy and overcast and cool. At least the pool is getting filled with rainwater which is free. It’s snuggle with tea and toast weather.

Oh yes, I almost forgot…Che and I finished watching Nikita and went straight to bingeing on 12 Monkeys. It’s how we decompress. It’s proving to be intriguing and we even began doing timeline drawings of the backwards and forwards so as not to miss anything.

Have a great week ahead!

Weekend Coffee Share.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Play With

The splashes of colour come from the clothes of people of all ages playing with the white Legos. At the end of the exhibits at the STAM Ghent City Museum is a huge table piled high with white Legos.

All those white Legos, so inviting, no matter how young you are
©2018 Regina Martins
Strength and aesthetics
©2018 Regina Martins

What is it about Lego that is irresistible, and invites us to connect with our inner playful child…?

Interesting structure
©2018 Regina Martins

I admit that this was the first time I’ve seen so many white Legos – most unusual.

Piles and piles of white Lego
©2018 Regina Martins
I wonder which building this is supposed to be?
©2018 Regina Martins

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge.