Sunday Stills: Watery Ghent

Ghent is a veritable Venice of northern Europe with its beautiful canals, waterside residences and boats that trawl the waterways. It’s such a picturesque town that all photos look good.

Yellow hues on the water, it was a watery wintery day where all the colours took on a neutral or monochromatic colour, Ghent
©2018 Regina Martins
Tourist boat trawling the icy canal waters as seen from an arrow slit at Gravensteen Castle, Ghent
©2018 Regina Martins
Gravensteen Castle, place of counts and dungeons, Ghent
©2018 Regina Martins
Reflections silent and icy in Ghent
©2018 Regina Martins

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Glass

I have a new client in the Joburg CBD and I confess that the CBD is not one of my favourite places merely from a traffic point of view. On Monday Che and I got caught up in the gridlock that ensued, presumably as a result of the temporary closure of the Kazerne Bridge for repairs.

This means that a major route out of town for people living on the East Rand is closed for about 16 months. Off course people will find new routes and traffic patterns will stabilise once again.

In order to prevent a repeat of Monday Che and I agreed that I would walk up town to the Standard Bank precinct, which is on the edge of town, and get picked up there. An 8 to 10 minute walk to prevent potentially getting caught up in 90 minutes of chaos. This also provides me with the opportunity to take photos of interesting buildings.

I love the Joburg CBD for it old buildings, many built in a Classical style, others in the Art Dec style, and yet others, more modern. I took this photo of a building with the reflection of another building in its glass windows.

Reflections in the glass
©2018 Regina Martins

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