B Is For Belgium

One of my childhood friends was from Belgium, and her family moved to South Africa early on. My curiosity about this country was satisfied in January this year when I went to Ghent for a training course. I took a few days to explore Ghent before the course. It was cold and everywhere I went the smell of chocolate pervaded the streets. It was bliss…

©2018 Regina Martins

Christmas lights were still up and the markets still active. I left on the day that they started to take all this down.

©2018 Regina Martins

I’m going back in July, for another training course in Geetbets. I’m slowly exploring Belgium, town by town, and I’m loving what I’ve seen. I’ll be spending a few days in Brussels before travelling to Geetbets. I have no clue of how to get there and I’m hoping that it will involve train travel.

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