Cheeky And Curious

Rounding up the year for the company found 13 of us at a farm in the middle of a nature reserve surrounded by 3 types of poisonous snakes, 1 supposedly tame mole snake and 16 peacocks. Thankfully I didn’t see the snakes, but this curious creature couldn’t resist peeking through an open door at the activity in the house.

Who’s the curious one then?
©2017 Regina Martins

Not a terribly good photo, taken in a hurry with my phone before she, scurried away, but she is certainly curious, and cheeky.



5 thoughts on “Cheeky And Curious”

  1. Peacocks are funny critters. My neighbor has 3, and one of them will chase my car as I leave the mailbox and heading up my drive. We can hear them most night squawking at something.

    1. Hahaha, you can get your daily dose of comedy from them then…I heard them squawking and didn’t realise it was the peacocks. These 16 have a large property and nothing to chase. I would’ve loved to see all 16 in one go.

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