Donating School Uniforms

When I was a child my family and I relocated to different places. It was never more than 50 kilometres from the previous place, except for when we relocated from Mozambique to South Africa.

So when we relocated, it sometimes meant going to a new school. This caused nervous jitters because of having to get to know the teachers, make new friends and get used to new rules.

It also meant that my parents had to buy new school uniforms for us kids, always an expensive task. Which is why I loved reading the story of the grade 12 learners at the Eersterivier Secondary School in Cape Town who left their school uniforms in plastic bags on their desks, for future learners who don’t have any.

When I was still in school, at the graduation from primary to high school the tradition was to get our uniforms signed by all our teachers and classmates, a memento of the years spent together. The same thing happened when graduating from high school. I still have my high school uniform, with all the signatures and well wishes. I haven’t looked at it since they were signed.

So instead of getting the uniform all scribbled on, it’s much better to donate it to learners whose parents can’t afford a new one.

What do you think?


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