WordPress Weekly Photo: Transient

All of the items in the photos below are (were) transient. They didn’t last long on the plate and their deliciousness was relished.

Fish for main meal
©2017 Regina Martins
Pork for main meal
©2017 Regina Martins
Now this definitely did not last very long…
©2017 Regina Martins
Cheese plate for dessert
©2017 Regina Martins
Hummus, olives and ciabatta
©2017 Regina Martins
A soup for a starter
©2017 Regina Martins
Two pizzas in one, it didn’t last long on the plate
©2017 Regina Martins



7 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo: Transient”

    1. Most definitely, and I haven’t been to the gym in a while 😉
      It was delicious though, and it was accompanied by the sounds of a jazz band.
      Hope you have a great conference in Birmingham.

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