4 thoughts on “Writing Wisdom”

  1. Thank you for sharing that quote Regina, I am my own worst enemy. I worry a lot about first getting even a post right before writing it resulting in me procrastinating.

    1. I have been a real culprit of this lately. There have been some reasons why I haven’t written anything and one day I may write about them.
      With most posts my inner critic comes out. The best posts are the ones where my inner critic was away and my writing flowed.

  2. Oh this is so me! Part of procrastination is thinking it has to be practically perfect (as Mary Poppins would say) before I can write it down! Thanks for the encouragement. Working on my first draft over this weekend on my fitness book 🙂

    1. For me the most difficult thing with putting down the first draft of anything is my inner critic which wants to change things as I go along.

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