The Observer With A Lens

Mslazyboots in Himalayas wrote something that resonated with me. She said that:

“The more you document your life, the more you check in, you tweet, you blog, you capture moments, the more you do all of this stuff, the more you make stories out of it, and if you do that much, you became a spectator to your own life.” (Mslazyboots in Himalayas)

I like the proposition of using this blog to document my life. Not everything but most of it, especially the fun parts. The blanket of wandering and wondering, made up of photos, thoughts and musings.

Then there is the part of becoming a spectator in my own life. The 1st position of being a part of it and also observing it, from 2nd position. That is an enticing prospect because of the insights from the past that I will get, and applying the learnings from that into what I do going forward. That is why I blog and post photos.

Many times the words are inside me, roiling around, lost in my critical notions of what should see the light of day and what must remain in the dark, locked inside me.

When this happens no words come out and instead I post photos, like a silent 3rd position, the observer with a lens.


7 thoughts on “The Observer With A Lens”

  1. I wasn’t sure at first. Being a spectator in your own life sounds to me like you’ve checked out, but reading on it’s not that way at all. I like the image too, Regina.

    1. As I was writing it I was worried I wasn’t explaining it well. I can see how it can come across like having checked out.
      I was thinking about the therapeutic technique of observing yourself and then being the observer of the one observing the observed to get even more insight 🙂

  2. Hey, Thank you, Regina!! I am feeling so overwhelmed by this post. Small things around me inspire me to write and take photographs. and we must not stop making stories out of it, that’s how I document to become a spectator.

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