The Ultimate Happy List – Week 1

I’ve decided to start an ultimate happy list, reflecting on those things that are positive in my life and which I want to continuously attract.

So here goes, week 1 of my ultimate happy list…in no particular order, as it came to me as I was writing. There is also no specific number that I will post about each week…

1 – Waking up to coffee and toast with cheese on homemade bread every morning.

2 – Looking out over my back garden and loving the green grass and trees, vibrant from the drenching summer rains.

3 – Looking out at the trees in my front garden,  a riotously growing canopy of green.

4 – Growing our own spinach.

5 – Growing our own lettuce.

6 – Seeing the lush basil bush from which Che makes delicious pesto.

7 – Landing at my destination airport in anticipation of seeing new things.

8 – Landing back at OR Tambo International Airport, looking forward to being with Che again.

9 – Travelling light, taking only a small tote bag for my clothes and toiletries which fits snugly, with my laptop tote in the seat in front of me. No check-in luggage – yay!

10 – Working with a like-minded colleague, in tandem and complete synchronicity, on a syndicate assignment for business school.

11 – Reaching out to a friend in Namibia for advice on a business dilemma at 9pm at night and within minutes of describing it, she decoded it, decomposed it and gave me a completely new spin on it. Priceless!

The inspiration for this was a framed poster I saw at an airbnb I stayed at last week.


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